19 February 2014

Caprice Gold Maldives : Keep moving ahead..


Just wanna share this great news to our investors about Caprice Gold's new resort is now in Maldives! Check out this news :

Caprice Gold Maldives - The First Islamic Resort in Maldives

Caprice Gold Maldives island resort is five-star, 673-room resort in Shaviyani Atoll Gaakoshibee. Caprice Gold will invest $170 million on the resort. The resort is expected to become operational in October 2014. The CEO of Caprice Gold Group, Shayaa Othman said it is similar to the Caprice Gold’s hotel in Turkey, the resort in Gaakoshibee will have a separate beach, villas and swimming pools for male and female tourists. "The resort will not serve alcohol and pork, and its four restaurants will have halal certified buffets" he said. 

ADK Company Chairman Mr. Nashid said the resort being developed in two phases will be the largest resort in the Maldives and the first Islamic resort. Although the concept of Islamic tourism is new to the Maldives, the model will be a success, he added. ”We saw the hotel being operated by Caprice Gold in Turkey. They operate the place under this concept, but the occupancy is really good. That’s why I’m extremely confident that the company can make this concept a success ,” Nashid said.

“This resort will become a holiday destination for Muslims throughout the world.”

ADK company started developing the resort, which is a 50-minute seaplane ride from the airport, in 2007. Nashid said funds and equipment have already been received from his new Turkish partner. ”After a lot of work, it’s finally coming to an end. This has been my dream,” he added.


So tunggu apa lagi? Jom invest! 

Buy 2 years - you get 5 years of free stay
Buy 3 years - you get 15 years of free stay
Buy 4 years - you get 40 years  of free stay!! (cuti la smpai lebam)

The cheapest and the maximum investment 4/40:
Garden view villa (2 person) : price starts at 6,800 Euro 
but for
Ocean view villa (2 person) : price starts 34,300 Euro 
(lagi cun bilik lagi mahal la kan)

Water villa (picture) : im not sure kena check dalam system 

The price changes everyday, want to know details? Kindly pm or email me ok? 
Take care!

18 February 2014

A note to you..

I understand whatever you have said was a self-defense and to protect your marriage. Totally understood and I forgive you. but just so you know that i have all the evidence save with me. Dont get too excited. 

By telling the truth, i have just made myself free and also it made me glad too. Alhamdulilllah

A lie may take care of your present, but it has no future

Good luck. 

2 February 2014

Sunny Sunday..!


Alhamdulillah.. after a whole week of super cold weather, finally today is a sunny day! To make it even better its SUNday and its always nice to have a day off and go out chilling isnt it? I got so excited to see the sun today, grabbed my scarf and jacket n planned for a outing with my beloved brother (pfft) to Eyup. Lets shopping!

Those who want to experience different Istanbul and avoid tourists on Sundays, Eyup is a definitely and certainly the best place to go. Its quite far from those famous historical place like Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofya and Topkapi Palace. I am pretty sure you wont come across this place if you were to be on tour. Scarf and Shawl hunters.. this is absolutely your place! So kalau visit Istanbul jangan lupa drop by Eyup ok!

1 February 2014

Its February!


Hello everybody! Its finally Saturday and the first day of February. How time flies. Oh well today is the World Hijab Day! the day to cover yourself with hijab for one day. Its the day to let every women (non-hijabi muslims and non-muslims)to experience how does it feel like with hijab. It has been almost a month for me now and Alhamdulillah the feeling and experience has been amazingly beautiful and wonderful. Subhanallah. I feel much much relieved and somehow it gives me a big impact in my behavior specifically. I feel more feminine,vibrant and confident i think that exactly what all hijabi women feel.  I didnt know the decision i made few weeks back will affect my life. Alhamdulillah it was the best decision i made. Lets pray to be a better muslim. Everyday is a learning process for me and i want to better in my deen. InsyaAllah. So ladies (non-hijabi muslims and non-muslims), try it on and taste the sweetness of covering yourself. Show your support to all hijabis.. Come ooonnn.. just for one day..

To all the hijabis.. may Allah protect and give more of His rahmat and baraqah to you..

"Let today be a beginning of a day where we learn to tolerate and understand each other for a better future and a peaceful world"
-Nazma Khan (Founder of World Hijab Day)