1 April 2016

Oh my its 2016!?


Masih ada orang baca ke blog ni? Should i continue blogging ? Hihihi! oklah, i think i want continue but please dont expect me to update everyday okey? Maybe twice a week? haha. So whats new?

1. Started a small business on beading (1.3.2015) 

Ive been dreaming to run my own business and over the years i have soooo many of business ideas and many false starts. Ive tried to sell clothes and hijabs then one thing i felt that always held me back was the lack of funding. Why? I didnt know what to do with the old stocks.. Then i realize that u must keep urself updated to the latest fashion in order to sustain in d fashion industry. BUT! if ure rich enough to have big capital than it wd be another story lahh.. plus i wasnt fully focus on the business coz i was working full time in a Turkish company in Istanbul

When mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in August 2014, i decided to quit my job and went back to Malaysia and i took care of her.. FULL TIME. i was jobless for few months until mom passed away. I was really down, depressed n decided to keep silent for a quite some time. Everybody keep pushing me to find a job.. Nope! i dont want to work! Phd? nope! coz i still do nothing with my Masters.. Haha so what you want to do MARYYAAMMMM??

One day i told myself i need to find a way to get a business up n running with a small capital.. i mean REALLY small capital. How much? Trust me, i started with just RM500. I knew its gonna be  a challenge but i had to somehow make it happen.

ALHAMDULILLAH...  now im happy with my growing beading business named Queen Sequeen.. its has been a year now, m happy i can run my own business and insyaAllah we will be expending soon! Its reall fun.. exciting and of coz sometimes it can be really stressful...! kerja mana tak stress ye dak? So here are some of beading works.. u can see more on my instagram! kindly follow @queensequeen

2. Happily Married to Mr. F (6.6.2015)

6th June- the day we supposed to have our engagement ceremony.. yes! engagement! Total of 150 guests were invited and everything was already in order. I did my own dulang hantaran (sangat simple coz its more like merisik) i beaded my own dress n thought of having of small corner for sarung cincin. BOOM! suddenly dad changed his mind and decided to cancel the engagement and do Nikah instead. Like whoaaaattt?! Haha we have only less than 3 weeks to prepare everything... Kursus Kahwin for him, HIV test, Borang Nikah, adding guests list, Tok Kadi, Wedding dress ( i aint wearing that tunang dress that i beaded my self haha), Catering, Dias, Make up, Door gifts n bla bla... can i get everything done in 2 weeks???

Alhamdulillah.. Allah pemudahkan semua urusan, kalau nak ikut logik lah.. borang nikah n kursus kahwin cannot be done in 2 weeks.. But this ustaz from Jabatan Agama Islam was super duper nice memudahkan semua procedure.. Alhamdulillah!

Thanks to Cosry for my beautiful dress.. i love it very much! n thanks so much for accepting my last minute order.. and guess what?? I didnt know how is it going to be like until the final fitting... really! i trust him! i have to say the dress was gorgeous!

On the very day.. everything was perfect and 80% just like my dream wedding ( 100% if its at night with transparent canopy haha!) Everybody didnt believe that everything was prepared in just 2 weeks! Thanks sayang for helping me out! last minute lagi seronok dari plan berbulan2, pastu gaduh berkoyan2, pastu mak bapak meroyan... hmmm  *peace*

Decor by Adiputra Decor

Dias by Adiputra Decor

So much love for his mom, thats why i love him!

Dress by Cosry

Doorgifts - Sejadah and custom made pouch by Aisyah Wani


Tak perlu ikut adat, 3 balas 3 tak salah. Duit hantaran pun tak perlu tayang2.. 

If arwah mom still around, she would love my Faizal so much. 

Okey! satu lagi korang tak tahu.. hihi! the moment dad decided that we should nikah, the first ever thing in my to-do list was.. dress? nope! borang nikah? nope! i wasnt really worried about all that.. i was more worried about our honeymoon destination! haha.. and we had chosen SYDNEY!!

Why Sydney? Coz its June and obviously its summer in Europe and both of us love cold whether and yes! Sydney is perfect!


Then ... Perhentian

Then.. Istanbul

Then... Cappadocia

Then... Izmir

Then.. Cambodia

Then.. Vietnam
Then ... Madinah Al Munawarrah

And Alhamdulillah kami berpeluang menjadi tetamu Allah.. Makkah Almukaramah

Okey, its already late! Thats all for now.. will update soon! Stay tuned!