23 June 2014

Galata Tower, Istanbul


My birthday will be in 2 days time (Wednesday to be exact) but i have no problem if my family want to celebrate in advance coz everybody will be busy with work and meetings during the weekdays. So it was a weekend combination of my birthday, and family final outing before Ramadhan.

Where did we go? We went to Galata Tower that located at Karakoy,Istanbul. See? i told you there are so many things to do Istanbul, yea i mean only Istanbul.. not talking other cities in Turkey, lagi banyakkkk. Getting to Galata is very easy, if u go by Metro, stop at Karakoy station, take a short walkabout 100m from the station and climb up the hill. Penat sikit tapi worth it.. ! Dont worry u wont get all sweat, pkai cantik2 makeup tebal2.. handbag Chanel. pkai high heels skali pun still can go up there.. hehe.

Enjoy the photos! Every picture has its story..

The same spot, facing the bophorus sea.. is where its started..  *feeling loved*
We decided to walk on this bridge together.. no body else.. a moment to cherish... 
The same seafood restaurant that we usually have our dinner every night when you were here.. 
We tasted the best fish sandwich together.. Yup! same place, same man, same taste.

Galata Tower

The story : We met as friends. We talked. We joked. We went to Istanbul. We spent time together. We became good friends.We saw more than that. We decided to date. We keep in touch from a distance. We fell in love. and.. to be continued...  


  1. hi dear, im goin to istanbul very soon. bole bagitau ape nama seafood restaurant yang u makan ni? or do u have other suggestions? tq -anne

    1. Hi annie, sorry for the late reply. ok i cant remember the name but if you are from Eminonu Mosque (new mosque) just jalan along the bridge and cross the other side and kat situ banyak seafood restaurant and the one that i usually go is just next to starbucks