17 April 2014

Sushi in Istanbul..


Well im kinda bored with turkish food, i cant have kebab, kofte, durum, everyday right.. please stop feed me with turkish fooood.. As a malaysian and living in Turkey, i think you would agree with me, at some point your tekak will definitely kembang with red meat and chicken..

So looking for something different? lets get an express meal! For sushi lovers, u will love the place..
Sushi express is located at Trump Towers Mall, Macidiyekoy Istanbul..

For a sushi restaurant i think they are a bit pricey. Well i dont know coz i have never spent more than 5TL for my lunch (usually its free coz we eat at our Caprice Restaurant n usually spend 5TL for my desert) and that meal cost me nearly 60TL.. oklah, orang kata jangan berkira bab makan.. makan je selagi boleh makan.. ye dak? hehe. Oklah guys.. thats all for today. Stay tuned.

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