9 January 2015

Tahun Baru, Kakak Baru- The day my brother got married


Alhamdulillah selesai sudah the wedding ceremony from both side on the 1st and 3rd January. Well, i can say this was the perfect and beautiful first wedding of 2015 and seeing my brother being nervous (nak pakai baju pun tak boleh masuk and we adik beradik need to assist him) before the big moment made me burst out loud. haha!

All the beautiful decor was perfectly done by Adiputra (instagram @adiputra_decor) which fully recommended by me .. ehem! Chewah berangan nak naik pelamin so kasi abang test dulu. ALhamdulillah everything was nice and the wedding ceremony looked so classy and elegant, just like what we expected. Thanks Adi and Azman!

Makeup sponsored by the groom. Why not kan? Adik pengantin pun nak vogue de vass! hehehe. The beautiful touch was by Amien. Thanks so much! and thanks to along for sponsoring the make-over session for me and mom. Hehehe.

The wedding attire for both bride and groom was beautifuly done b Syomir Izwa. Simple and elegant. Tak yah nak mekno2 sangat kan. I love the dress! Seriously looking at their wedding makes me sooooooo want to get married really soon. haha.. doa2kan lah. Somehow we have to postponed the plan due to mom's condition. Takpelah, kalau ada jodoh tak kemana.. ye dak? Hehe and both my dresses were perfectly done by Teresa Fashion Boutique. Thanks!

Thanks to those who are came to the wedding, those who came to help sampai terlondeh2 sampin juga banyak2 terima kasih, those who help me with the door gifts, ushering the guest.. thanks a lot! you know who you are.. me love you all long time! muah~ Yang datang makan je pun terima kasih ok! hehe..

Alhamdulillah, bertambah lagi sorang jemaah perempuan. BarakAllahulak, wabaraka'alayk, wajamaa baynakuma fi khayr! InsyaAllah till Jannah!