10 January 2015

Short Tour in Guangzhou


Alhamdulillah on our second visit to Guangzhou we managed to go around the city coz mom is feeling much healthier compared to our first visit here. almost 20days in Guangzhou on our first visit, believe it or not, we just stayed put in the hospital. tak pegi mana2 puun.. pegi kedai runcit depan hospital je beli fruits and eggs.. huuuu...

So yesterday sempat la we all jln2 around Beijing Lu ( Beijig Road) shopping baju murah2 .. Im so glad and happy to see mom can walk normally, and can smile for camera.. Alhamdulillah!

Guangzhou at night is really fantastic! rasa macam kat new york. I didnt bring my camera so snap pkai phone jer and we didnt plan to go for a leisure walk at the park coz we didnt expect mom to be energetic that day. Alhamdulillah takpe we can go anytime.. we have 1 month here! 

Waiting for brothers to come over the weekend! more to come! more places to discover!.. So mom, please be strong and keep healthy ok. muah!

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