8 January 2015

My 2015 Challenge


Hello all! Never too late to wish everybody a happy new year.. Panjang ke list korang buat azam baru? Saya tak pernah ada azam2 baru ni.. just go with the flow, make plans like usual and live my life happily. yang penting, dont ever look back.  Heh macam biasalah ye, sy tak nak dapat update selalu skrg. Tho im jobless now but im a full-time nurse to my mom. Yea for those who still dont know, she was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4 two months ago and now the cancel cells is spreading to her back bone, neck and brain.

Alhamdullilah with Allah's will her condition now is getting better since she obtained few treatments in Modern Hospital GuangZhou. And now we are here again for the 2nd session and lets pray together for her recovery. InsyaAllah.

Hanya Allah saja yang tahu betapa sedihnya hati ni bila diberitahu that our one and only mom has cancer at 4th stage. Yang paling sedih when we did some check ups at private hospitals (i dont have to tell the hospital names) they said she has pneumonia (lung infection). So she has been taking antibiotic drips at some **MCs until she started to coughs blood. We decided to go to PPUM (government hospital) and Allahuakbar! she was straight away diagnosed as lung cancer stage 4. Doc estimated she only has 1 year max. Are you kidding me? Ajal maut semua di tangan Allah. I strongly believe in that. So since then, i decided to quit my job and take care of her. Kerja bila2 mana2 boleh cari, but tak semua orang Allah bagi rasa nikmat berIBU... so manfaatkan.

So the whole family start to do some research about the best treatments or medication for lung cancer. Ive been reading a lot about these cancers, but when comes to lung cancer stage4, its very hard to cure. Tapi apa2 pun Allah galakkan kita usaha, sebab dia dah sediakan "penawar"nya.. kita kena usaha cari. InsyaAllah

1. Her diet
Bila tanya doctor of coz diorang mmg tak pernah suruh kita pantang apa2.. makan je apa2.. why? coz they dont want the patient to feel demotivate. Yes partly is true, bila i dah strat strict with mom, dia mcm sedih coz sume takleh makan and dia start merungut.. haaa itu yang kita taknak.. sebab it makes her more sick. so what i did i change the ingredients. Takboleh dah beli barg2 kat Tesco, kena up sikit beli kat organic shops. Memanglah costly sikit.. from rm1- rm7 tapi tu je lah cara nak make sure the food is clean and healthy. She cant take any dairy foods, red meat, fishes including Salmon. (only jenahak and merah), which all these foods will trigger the cancer cells.

2. Alkaline Water
We have installed alkaline water at home, so we boil, wash, bath, drink using the alkaline water. Ada banyak brand in the market and i heard the best is Kangen Water. My friend Fizzy suggested to install Kangen water at home coz her mom had cologne cancer before and Alhamdulillah she is free from cancer now by drinking the water 3L a day. As for us, we installed AO water sbab PH alkaline dia sama jerrr.. as long as its alkaline water then its fine.

3. Sabah Snake Grass and Apricot Seed
When i started to share the news with my close friends, few of them suggested me to get this sabah snake grass for mom. Alhamdulillah dapat contact supplier from Seremban and every 2 weeks they will send to us via Poslaju. I Just blend with green apple and give mom to drink twice a day. Apricot seeds are also good to fight cancer and alhamdulillah after consuming, her tumor pain is slightly reduce. Cuma kadang2 tak consistent sebab she is too tired of taking too many medicine.

So thats basically about my 2015 challenge. I pray that Allah will make everything at ease and give more barakah to our efforts for mom's recovery InsyaAllah  

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