28 September 2013

Teaching.. ??


As September was approaching, many different things were running through my mind. Oh hell yes, time to really focus on work now. I have enjoyed my one month holiday and now, here I am.. getting back to the routine, or a new routine i supposed? Apart from being an executive in Human Capital Division, they burden me with a new task as an English teacher in the Group, i repeat, English Teacher.!! How is it going to fit together? So many things i need to look at and focus on.. the curriculum, classroom management, the speaking level of each student... and how on earth am i going to do it aaalllllll... honestly, my english is not good enough to become a teacher..(ada orang cakap baik tulis Melayu je kat blog ni.. english tunggang terbalik)

Preparing for class... errrghh!

Heading to my first english class for this coming Monday, there were a lot of sleepless night with a sack of everything in my head that i wanted to say to my students. There are a lot of teaching methods that i want to use in my class, and sometimes i would just got so stressed out and confused with the chosen method ( Now i understand, its not easy to be a teacher) Haha.. sorry saya memang suka stress sorang2...

Time management is very important for me now, as i need to stay up late for 2 reasons, preparing for my class and skype! Yes, 'we' skype everyday without miss for almost 4 months now.. ridiculous? Yes. Healthy? I also think Yes. My journey to this point is challenging, but my heart i know, im ready and i can do it! Yes, i can.. InsyaAllah!

Monday is my first day “in charge” of my classes, and I’m so excited. I’ve had a few days to get to know my students, and I’ve already learned quite a few names. I’m READY for Monday! Wish me luck girls!

Thats all for now, back to work! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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