17 April 2013

First timer


Im a first-timer of SKII and it took me so long to try the set. I have skin problem since forever and ive tried so many products in the market and it didnt really help. Most people suggested to me to try skII especially the essence or they called it miracle water. Again, it took me so long to buy the product until this one generous person gave me a present of the cellumination deep surge EX series and that triggers me to get the whole set for myself. Finally. 

Well honestly i dont believe in this miracle water. i dont want to put my trust in because according to by belief there no such thing as miracle. But i really do believe in effective. After trying the products for 3 weeks, it is undeniable one effective and amazingly powerful skincare.

With God's will of course, after few weeks there is significant improvement on my skin, i noticed my skin become more radiant, and smoother (mcm dlm iklan la pulak). I really enjoy the benefits this facial treatment essence giving me, its nice and fresh and i feel so SKII-ish now.. seriously!

Thanks for reading!

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