27 March 2014

Malaysia Oh Tanah Air ku! (Jom Shopping Shawl)


Ohoiiii... excitednya nak balik jumaat ni.. ill be going back to PJ the place where all my friends live (happens to be Mr. F lives in PJ too.. pandai tak i? haha) and where i grew up. Yes, memang best kerja abroad but hujan emas di negeri orang, lebih baik hujan batu di negeri sendiri.. ye dak? hehe.. I havent been back in almost emm emm 3 months? hehe.. My dad n brother said i banyak lemak sebab selalu sangat balik.. oh sorry pa sorry angah.. i cant be like you guys.. balik malaysia once a year je.. woooo.. mmg mogok tak masak i kat rumah (pandai2 korang la mkn sndiri.. heh.. at home im the boss ok pa? haha ) kalau tkde duit pun i dont care, i can walk to malaysia.. (err ye ke?)

This time, everybody is going back to Malaysia and we bring our family friends along. So ill be busy spending time with them jadi free tour guide (best jugak kan, nama je duk malaysia tapi tk abis tawaf lagi satu KL) for the first 6 days. The rest of 7 days i will be at home, with friends and with you! yes youu! rinduuu okeyyy..

Just a lil update on Mawar. Ok i dah start publish some of  Mawar collection in Instagram. Since ramai yang nak tengok sangat i decided to publish it early.. mcm soft opening la giteww.. haha.. alhamdulillah boleh dikatakan sambutan amat menggalakkan.. and ade jugak orang dah start beli after 1 hour publish.. syukuur alhamdulillah. You can go to mawar_turk to view the collections. selamat menjamu mata!

Those who are interested can email me your details (name, shipping add, hp no, and item) to marshayaa@gmail.com. Thank you

Jom Shopping!

Pink & Silver Printed Lace Shawl  RM 90

Pink Printed Lace Shawl   RM 90

Blur and Silver Printed Lace Shawl RM 90 - SOLD OUT

Dusty Pink & White Printed Lace Shawl RM 90 - SOLD OUT

Bronze & Green Printed Lace Shawl RM 90

Turquoise & Lilac Printed Lace Shawl RM 90 - SOLD OUT

Royal Blue Lace Shawl RM 120

Lilac Lace Shawl RM 120

Turquoise Lace Shawl RM 120

Nude Scarf RM 60 - SOLD OUT

Silverish Grey Plain Scarf RM 60

Yellowish Gold Fringe Shawl RM 65 SOLD OUT

Pink & Silver Cotton Shawl RM45 (Also available in Black &Grey)
High Quality Printed Scarf RM 80

High Quality Printed Scarf RM 80 - 

Medium Quality Printed Scarf RM 55 - SOLD OUT

Medium Quality Printed Scarf RM 55 - SOLD OUT

Medium Quality Printed Scarf RM 55

Medium Quality Printed Scarf RM 55

Stay tuned for more beautiful lace shawls and telekung. Our telekungs are included with a sweet beautiful light travelling Sajadah from Turkey! Tunguuuuu... :)

Thanks for reading!

24 March 2014

Isnin yang kebiruan..


Flowers are start to blossom in Istanbul, the weather is chilly and the sky is blue, lets put up ur sunglasses.. its a beautiful sunny day. How was your weekend peeps? Haa.. ni nak citer pasal my weekend ni..

It was a tiring weekend for me, took a half day off on Saturday and went to the few malls to look up some shawls to be featured in our soon online boutique, InsyaAllah. On Sunday a full day of product shoot and i tell you, it was a extremely exhausting! fuh! Yes, im doing this alone here, search, choose, shoot, and marketing part will be done by my best friend cum business partner in Malaysia, Miss Waida. But alhamdulillah, all went well.. the model did a great job and it was easy working with her. I dont have to tell much (she doesnt understand english tho), she just do whatever she needs to do and MasyaAllah she is gorgeous all the pictures are just perfect. Alhamdulillah!

Introduce to you..

Mawar. Why Mawar? its a combination of Maryam+Waida. Haha dont ask me in details how did i combine the names but hey Mawar is great, isnt it? Well at least to me it sounds soft, elegant and exclusive. Oh yes, it is, all the items are custom made and some of the shawls designed by us, so there will be no second piece or restock item. So kalau korang pakai, uolss la satunye2 pakai shawl ni.. haaa., exclusive enough kan? But no worries we do have some shawls series that can be restocked.

Why i see scarves and shawls as a business opportunity? Firstly, i leave in Istanbul and Shawls and Scarves in Istanbul have their own identity. Misalnya, kalau i pakai.. tudung turki eh? shawl turki eh? and many people say that shawls from turkey are beautiful. Yes I know in Malaysia now, banyak and macam2 shawl dah ada.. Turkey? Dubai? India? u name it.. sume dah ada kat Malaysia.. tapi anda pasti dengan keasliannya? haaa.. Mine 100% are made from Turkey.

Secondly, i love to do business but before i wasnt sure what business suits me, last time i did my Aunty Mars selling women clothes, the business are good, but i need to go up and down to Indo, HK to restock and at that time, i cant afford to do it alone.. Plus, as a muslim, there are rulling in selling clothes.. tak boleh suka2 je nak jual baju kat orang.. coz as a seller, i must know that the clothes are going to be used in permissible ways. Macam dalam surah Al-Maedah, it says 'do not help one another in sin and transgression'. So saya tak berani nak amik risiko jual baju. Baju muslimah sudah tentu bole but u need to have all sizes and bit hassle to me. hehe.

So i hope both seller and buyers will get benefit from our Mawar. Our unique and feminine collections will surely suits your daily style.

Teaser sikiiiittt... heeeee :)

Shawl by: Mawar
Model : Fatma Yilmaz
Photographer : Maryam Shayaa
Make up by: Maryam Shayaa

Shawl by: Mawar
Model : Fatma Yilmaz
Photographer : Maryam Shayaa
Make up by: Maryam Shayaa

Bila nk launch ni?? haa tungguuuu.. few things more to settle, not just shawl and  scarf, we also have beautiful Telekungs.. nak solat dan mengadap yg Esa perlulah cantik juga ye dak? Hehe..Sabar ye rakan2..

Coming Soon! Stay tuned for more okey! Take care~

21 March 2014

Salam Jumaat..

Two of my favorite quotes that keeps me strong and always positive. 

1. "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be"

2. "You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It wont happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, 'I don't care how hard this is, I don't care how disappointed I am, I'm not going to let this get the best of me. I'm Moving on with my life' ..."

Salam Jumaat. And thanks for reading. 

Something to know about Turkey ...


I have been facing this kind of situation so many times and its kinda feel "bleerghhh" when i answer to some people that i am currently working in Turkey,  80% of them would say "Wow you are working in Arab!".. or "you can tahan working in Arabians ah?" or if i post my picture during snow "Belah arab ada snow ehh??" I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...???? (Sorry if this would sounds harsh, but hey,can u google it up first? and GOOGLE EXIST FOR A REASON" (bunyi mcm berlagak je kan tapi marah ni!)

First and foremost, Turkey is not an Arab country. Turk is Turk and they speak Turkish language. Again, Turkish is not Arabic. Turkey is part of Europe and at the same time it is part of Asia. some people ask me is Turkey is an European country? Im not sure to answer it "yes" or "no" coz there many things to take into accounts.. kang salah jawab orang kata kita perasan duduk european country (ok please ignore orang mcm tu sebab mulut dia bukan mulut tempayan yang boleh kita tutup.. layan jee) Im not selling that Turkey is an European country, coz the largest city in Turkey is Istanbul and Istanbul has two continents. So only one little part of Istanbul is in Europe and the rest of the land is classed as the continent of Asia. So yang memisahkan Europe and Asia is the Bhosphorus Sea.

Secondly, Working in Istanbul - I can tell that its not easy to work in Turkey, (saya bernasib baik kerana bapa saya di sini) those yang really wanna work here yang minta i recommend, i can only just forward your resume to the person in charge, yes im  in the HR department but as i said, its not easy to work here. The ministry will only approve only when it can be stated why a foreigner is preferred for the job over a citizen of Turkey. And most jobs that are normally approved for foreigners are tourism and teaching. (Nak jadi English teacher? Sangat dia alu2kan coz people here doesnt speak English. and gaji besar woo~) mm lagi menyedihkan, one of our malaysian staff dah kena balik malaysia for good coz the ministry didnt approve his working permit. kesian dia tkde keja skrg. So bukan i taknak tolong, i dont have the power to hire people.Yes, insyaAllah i can recommend, you can be shortlisted for the interview.. but we cannot be 100% sure that u will get the job coz its not us to decide. The ministry!!

I hope this entry will open some eyes wider about Istanbul and Turkey. oklah, i tak salah diorang 100% sebab sometimes the question just burst sebab excited dengar org keja oversea hehe ( i pun kadang2 ter tanya soalan2 yg tak munasabah .. yes kena la buat salah dulu baru bole belajar. - we learn from our mistakes bak kata omputeh kan) And sorry kalau ada yang terasa bout this entry.. minta maaf banyak2 ok..

Thanks for reading..

p/s : order kasut dah tutup ok! thanks for those yang order..

18 March 2014

Shoes Update - Hurry!

17 March 2014

Hijab dan Istiqamah


Pernah tak dulu kita cakap..

'kalau pakai ketat baik takyah pakai tudung.. sama je dosa dia'
'pakai lengan pendek, baik takyah pakai tudung'
'pakai tudung nampak dada, baik takyah pakai tudung'

Usually i would ignore some stupid status in fb, i would just smile and read.. but this time, i would love to give some opinions..

Terus terang, saya boleh terima sekiranya statement2 tu datang dari mulut orang yang bertudung/ustaz/ustazah atau orang lain yang lebih berilmu dari saya yang baru nak belajar (dalam peringkat merangkak lagi). Tapi kalau yang tak bertudung tu suka2 nak buat statement and just to be a keyboard warrior, please lah, dont make urself look stupid.  Yes, semua orang sedar atas kesalahan dan juga adab apabila berhijab. Bagi saya, biarlah perlahan2 kayuh insyaAllah kalau ikhlas dan istiqamah, Allah akan sentiasa bantu untuk kita terus amal dengan penghijrahan kita.

Seperti dalam hadis :
"Amal yang manakah disukai Allah?" Jawab Rasulullah "Amal yang dikerjakan secara tetap walaupun sedikit (berterusan) -  (Hadis Riwayat Muslim)

Bagi yang pernah mengeluarkan statement tu i think you have no idea how hard and the challenges that we (the hijabies) are facing everyday. Cuba lah pakai.. baru tahu macam mana susahnya nak buat kebaikan. Im not saying hijab menyusahkan, tapi cabaran dan melawan hasutan syaitan tu paling mencabar untuk pemakai hijab. thats why u can see some people ada yang buka tudung selepas lama pakai, ada yang mula sikit2 nampak rambut.. sebab apa? sebab susah nak lawan hasutan syaitan tu. Bagi yang dah bertudung labuh, syukur Alhamdulillah and saya turut happy dengan kejayaan u all. Again, its not easy.. (tapi jangan lah pulak hina yang jahil untuk berdakwah dengan menggunakan bahasa yg kasar, Islam tak mengajar kita kekerasan dan paksaan - sama2lah kita doa agar semua orang jadi macam u yang berilmu dan sempurna dalam menutup aurat.. itukan lebih baik dan berkesan? Allah akan angkat doa u.. insyaAllah

Apa2 pun niat berhijab mestilah kerana Allah, kecantikan dan kesempurnaan yang dikurniakan oleh Allah ni, biarlah hanya untuk Dia juga,  (and for your husband of course) InsyaAllah... Saya sendiri pun sering bertanya pada diri sendiri.. adakah penghijrahan ini akan lebih baik atau akan berada di takuk yang sama? Jadi, setiap hari saya berdoa dan berharap agar diri saya akan jadi lebih baik dari semalam..

Segala amalan manusia is not us to judge..

p/s : Malays - memang dari dulu P.Ramlee can predict how malays would be, kebanyakan cerita2 dia pun menyindir masyarakat Melayu, Not just Allahyarham, but Tun M also banyak sindir dan turut kecewa dengan sikap melayu yang suka bercakap dan mengata tapi malas nak fikir jalan penyelesaian.

"Jangan terjebak dalam perbezaan pendapat yag membawa kepada penjauhan pada hati" (Al Bukharee)

Lama tak update.. ( Jom shopping kasut)


In the meeting room (sekadar gambar hiasan)

Hello.. hmm nampaknya progam diet sudah ke laut. saya tahu memang dari dulu lagi saya jenis hangat2 tahi ayam. hahaha.. tak sampai pun 30 hari.. i think i can only tahan for 3 weeks.. tak tahan woo makan salad hari2.. tak nikmat hidup makan salad hari2 (eh, ni makan untuk hidup ke, hidup untuk makan ni???) hahaha whatever it is, saya berjaya turunkan hanya 2.5 kg without exercise coz i am a super lazy to move around. Dont they have some formula that we can just sit on couch and reduce weight?? Lagi 5.5kg tu nanti2 la.. coz i think with our age now, berat susah sangat nak turuuunnn ( cheh alasan je)

Okey, recently i went to a shoe factory that selling leather shoes (for men only). Alhamdulillah, setakat ni ramai yang dah order and i'll bring back to Malaysia on 29th March. Mostly are Turkey Names like Kigli, Bruno Maldini, but they also have Hugo Boss and Massimo Dutti with super duper minor defect that cannot be seen. We are selling at a very good price.. ( i dont have stock in hand, i will get them base on orders) 100% leather. (well, you know .. Turkey has a strong tradition of processing leather which comes from its historical past. And Turkey is one of the most assertive countries in producing high quality leather products in the world. ) - So they are super comfy!

 Here are the collections  (size 42 and 43 only)

Those who are interested boleh la whatsapp saya.. another 2 pairs i can bring back this 29th, the rest i will post from Turkey, so the price is exclude postage.

Stay tuned for more goods! I have Turkey shawl and scarves soon..sebab ramai sangat order i decided to do it online. Ok thanks for reading.