21 March 2014

Something to know about Turkey ...


I have been facing this kind of situation so many times and its kinda feel "bleerghhh" when i answer to some people that i am currently working in Turkey,  80% of them would say "Wow you are working in Arab!".. or "you can tahan working in Arabians ah?" or if i post my picture during snow "Belah arab ada snow ehh??" I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...???? (Sorry if this would sounds harsh, but hey,can u google it up first? and GOOGLE EXIST FOR A REASON" (bunyi mcm berlagak je kan tapi marah ni!)

First and foremost, Turkey is not an Arab country. Turk is Turk and they speak Turkish language. Again, Turkish is not Arabic. Turkey is part of Europe and at the same time it is part of Asia. some people ask me is Turkey is an European country? Im not sure to answer it "yes" or "no" coz there many things to take into accounts.. kang salah jawab orang kata kita perasan duduk european country (ok please ignore orang mcm tu sebab mulut dia bukan mulut tempayan yang boleh kita tutup.. layan jee) Im not selling that Turkey is an European country, coz the largest city in Turkey is Istanbul and Istanbul has two continents. So only one little part of Istanbul is in Europe and the rest of the land is classed as the continent of Asia. So yang memisahkan Europe and Asia is the Bhosphorus Sea.

Secondly, Working in Istanbul - I can tell that its not easy to work in Turkey, (saya bernasib baik kerana bapa saya di sini) those yang really wanna work here yang minta i recommend, i can only just forward your resume to the person in charge, yes im  in the HR department but as i said, its not easy to work here. The ministry will only approve only when it can be stated why a foreigner is preferred for the job over a citizen of Turkey. And most jobs that are normally approved for foreigners are tourism and teaching. (Nak jadi English teacher? Sangat dia alu2kan coz people here doesnt speak English. and gaji besar woo~) mm lagi menyedihkan, one of our malaysian staff dah kena balik malaysia for good coz the ministry didnt approve his working permit. kesian dia tkde keja skrg. So bukan i taknak tolong, i dont have the power to hire people.Yes, insyaAllah i can recommend, you can be shortlisted for the interview.. but we cannot be 100% sure that u will get the job coz its not us to decide. The ministry!!

I hope this entry will open some eyes wider about Istanbul and Turkey. oklah, i tak salah diorang 100% sebab sometimes the question just burst sebab excited dengar org keja oversea hehe ( i pun kadang2 ter tanya soalan2 yg tak munasabah .. yes kena la buat salah dulu baru bole belajar. - we learn from our mistakes bak kata omputeh kan) And sorry kalau ada yang terasa bout this entry.. minta maaf banyak2 ok..

Thanks for reading..

p/s : order kasut dah tutup ok! thanks for those yang order..

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