29 August 2014

Mawar Turkiye Summer Collection


Check out our new striped collection! Just released few days ago at Zalora and surprisingly only few pieces left! Grab yours now. Yes! our shawls are 100% made in Turkey. For purchase/info  kindly whatsapp me at 0125250616



20 August 2014

The new gym!


Hello bibi, tho you dont read my blog, but i still want to congratulate you on you newly opened gym center! im so proud of you and your lil brother, Fahmi. I know how much hard work has gone into this and how much financially u struggled to open this business. I know ur dedication and determination will dfntly fetch u success.

Yes, we have something in common that is business. I love how we used to talk about business when we were good friends. Since then i know that u will become a superb culinary chef and a successful business man (oh boy, i now miss your super yummy choc moist cake) - sumpah sedap.. tak tipu. To all single ladies out there, go and find a guy who bakes, coz they look so much sexier when they bake and they love women who love to eat. I love to eat! hehe.

So again, cograts and i feel proud and i believe that your honesty and loyalty make u grow further! I support u dari belakang ok! I'll always be your bestfiriend.. insyaAllah!

Mr. F and anak2 muridnya.. haha

So guys! tuggu apa lagi, lets sign up at this new gym. its RM179 monthly. Its located at Taman Maju Jaya, PJ. Just look for black building with tinted glass. and yes! that is Oxygen Gym Center! Make urself comfortable with Oxygen that features a variety of cardio equipment and other exercise machines on the first floor and separate section of free weights specifically on the 2nd floor. They are fully stocked of water bottles, energy drinks like red bull and 100plus, clean towels, and lockers as well as spacious shower rooms are also available for use by the guest. Oh, personal trainers are available too and of coz la one of them is my Mr. F.. hehe.. confirm jadi! i je tak kurus sebab degil and malas. ;p plus he always sumbat me with his 23 other bakery products.. mana tak gemok? haha

Ok guys, thats all for now and to Mr. F u owe me a nice romantic dinner at seafood restaurant ok. i want a nice big fresh ikan siakap 3 rasa at my elephant and one night dineer at fatty crab.. yummy! hehe

Thanks for reading!

18 August 2014

A bonus..

Im not looking for a good future husband, but if Allah were to grant me a good one, its a bonus for me

Im not looking for a good looking husband, but if he is, its a bonus for me

I dont aspect my future husband to be rich, but if he is, its a bonus for me

I dont ask my husband to buy me luxury stuff, but if he wants get me one, its a bonus for me

I dont aspect my future husband to buy us a house, but if he did, its a bonus for me

I dont aspect my future husband to cook, but if he is good at it, its a bonus for me

I dont aspect my future husband to have a car, if he does its a bonus for me.

I wont ask my future husband to propose me with a big mahr/dowry, but if he wants to give me a big one, hell yes its a bonus for me

Yes i realized that a good economic partner is good husband material, but Allah have promised that He will make us rich right after married. So nothing to worry about.

Really..I dont ask much from a man.. just someone that understands and appreciates me. Its all about love and maturity.

Its time for me to answer the questions..

When will i be getting married?
To be honest with you, you and you..  im not that ready mentally. Yup, i made a huge wrong decision last time and i hope i wont do the same mistake again. I dont want to blame who is wrong.. who is right.. Allah knows best and we knew whats best for us. case closed. AND NO, im not getting married anytime soon. and i dont plan to. for now. Really.

Me and Mr F are currently doing good .We did discuss where we are heading to, yes we have plans for our future, but both understand that im not ready yet. Hmm of course lah, man always ready.

Yes i want to have own babies, and quite worried about my age is getting 3series soon but i dont have to worry, Allah knows when is the best time. Rozita Che Wan pun pregnant at the age of 41. so whaaatt...

Adakah saya menjawab soalan? I hope YES

9 August 2014

Ive been busy..


Wah Wah, ramai sudah bertanya ke manakah saya menghilang! Takde ke mana.. Ive been busy with Mawar Tukiye lately. Im coming back to Malaysia soon.. really soon (gotta be a big surpise for Mr. F- no worries he doesnt read my blog).. so i have few things to settle, get more stocks for Mawar Turkiye and InsyaAllah i'll be one of the wholesaler for turkish scarves and shawls. Looking for one? Contact me now! Fresh from factory and 100% Made in Turkey. Alhamdulillahh. oh boy, can i quit my job already.. im not the office type. haha

Currrently we are busy with our new catalog. its 80% done and it will be distributed to malaysian retailers soon.. InsyaAllah..  Some teaser hehe..

We have turkish scarves too! but most of it are already sold out. will restock soon and autumn collection is coming your way.. stay tuned ok!

So this is what keeping me busy.. im currently on leave to focus on my online business. tak boleh la buat dua kerja dalam satu masa kan? hehe.. So doa kan agar semuanya berjalan dengan lancar insyaAllah..

Thanks for reading!

2 August 2014

Raya Italy-fitri


Wah.. its been almost a month i didnt update my blog. sorry girls..! Been busy the whole month of Ramadhan and we straight flew off to Rome on the malam raya for 6 days. Alhamdulillah we safely arrived today and here i am!

Never too late to wish everybody Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin.. bak kata Arissa dalam iklan TM adik.. kosong-kosong ya? She is so cute isnt she? Good job Arissa! Aunty Maryam miss youuuu! InsyaAllah Raya Haji kita jumpa ok?

Well as i said before, tahun ni tak dapat balik Malaysia for raya.. but its ok, tho we miss the ketupat rendang and kuih samperit so much, dapat kumpul on hari raya is more than enough for us.. Alhamdulillah.. So i suggested to dad that we should go somewhere nearby for raya this year and surprisingly he agreed! Sebulat suara semua bersetuju untuk pergi Rome.. since sebelah jer Istanbul.. hehe. Yela sementara kerja Istanbul la bole merasa pergi Europe.. if not tak de maknanya senang2 nak pegi Europe satu family.. Opportunity never come twice ye dak?

Why Rome?
1. Sebab Dekat
2. Beautiful and Historical City
3. Designer Goods are way cheaper.

Ok, lets enjoy the photos!

The Trevi Fountain was under construction, so i took a photo of the street and i feel so Rome!

Santa Maria Maggiore

They are always there at The Pantheon
its not just steps, its Spanish Steps
The Mall, Florence
The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The whole view of Colossuem

Different perspective of Colosseum
Family Portrait at Colesseum
Early Morning at Vatican

Its a beautiful place to see and explore


Aglio Olio di Italiano

Salvatori via Matteo Boiardo

Good bye Rome, till we \meet again..