9 August 2014

Ive been busy..


Wah Wah, ramai sudah bertanya ke manakah saya menghilang! Takde ke mana.. Ive been busy with Mawar Tukiye lately. Im coming back to Malaysia soon.. really soon (gotta be a big surpise for Mr. F- no worries he doesnt read my blog).. so i have few things to settle, get more stocks for Mawar Turkiye and InsyaAllah i'll be one of the wholesaler for turkish scarves and shawls. Looking for one? Contact me now! Fresh from factory and 100% Made in Turkey. Alhamdulillahh. oh boy, can i quit my job already.. im not the office type. haha

Currrently we are busy with our new catalog. its 80% done and it will be distributed to malaysian retailers soon.. InsyaAllah..  Some teaser hehe..

We have turkish scarves too! but most of it are already sold out. will restock soon and autumn collection is coming your way.. stay tuned ok!

So this is what keeping me busy.. im currently on leave to focus on my online business. tak boleh la buat dua kerja dalam satu masa kan? hehe.. So doa kan agar semuanya berjalan dengan lancar insyaAllah..

Thanks for reading!

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