4 July 2014

Hitam itu Menawan by Mawar Turkiye..


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3 July 2014

Salam Ramadhan..


Alhamdulillah today is our 5th of Ramadhan, our old bestfriend has come to visit us once again, its a blessed month, a month of nights better than other nights, a month that Allah made it compulsory upon u to fast.. and pray Terawih by voluntary..

For us here, the fasting month falls on summer days and Ramadhan is becoming challenging every year. Last year was not so bad.. but this year, we have to fast nearly 20hours.. ! tapi takpe, puasa mengajar kita untuk bersabar.. Ni pun perut dah berkeroncong dan mengantuk ( i usually coffee-ing at this time) but baru 3pm! have another 6 hourssssss... (tak baik merungut pls!)

So ok, enough of whining, never too late to wish everybody Salam Ramadhan!