14 June 2014

Sunset Moment


There is a saying "never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that u should be sitting under" . We just need an instant to relax and appreciate and enjoy the nature's farewell kiss before entering the night 

I love nature. Its one of Allah's most beautiful creations. The greens, the ocean, mountains are just so unique and beautiful. The moment of sunrise, sunset is so magical and extremely wonderful moment and even very spiritual. 

I usually enjoy the moment at the rooftop of my house. Its very quiet and peaceful place for me to appreciate the sunset moment while doing yoga. SubhanaAllah..the changing moment from day to night is very wonderful and breathtaking. 

So this time, i decided to bring my friends along who dont really enjoy/appreciate or maybe didnt realize how beautiful sunset is.. Alhamdulillah, happy kemain! haha.. salah satu cara mendapat instant pahala ialah menikmati keindahan alam. Easy right? so take a moment.. go out.. and enjoy the nature. 

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