9 June 2014

Sazeli Cafe, Camlica


If you take the time to visit Camlica, this charming cafe & restaurant on the hill is a great spot to have a breakfast or lunch that offers a beautiful view of Bosporus bridge which connects the two continents of Asian and European side of Istanbul.

Yesterday was Yakup's 1st birthday and we had a small Malaysian-Turkish family gathering at Sazeli Cafe. The good food, the delightful ambiance.. nothing could go wrong about this place. Highly recommended~

Waiting for the food!

Cranky birthday boy! Happy Birthday Yakup!

Somebody decided to be cranky today.. !

Sazeli Cafe, Camlica

Yakup's 1st birthday selfie!

Me, Sis Amirah and Sis Elif

The perfect and lovely family portrait. 
As usual, a must have #ootd pose. Haha. 

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