25 June 2014

29 on 29th


Alhamdulillah, im 29 today!. Syukur sangat di beri peluang untuk bernafas and rasa nikmat Allah. Well, its my final year to be in 2 series.. So lets check out 29 things on my 29th birthday..

#1. My birthday is today! 25th June

#2. Feeling blessed as it falls on Syaaban month...

#3. I had pre-celebration with my family at Galata Tower on last weekend...

#4. Mr. F told me (tru skype) that he got me something from Lovely Lace for my birthday.

#5. I received an advance surprise gift (yang kononnya "lovely lace" tu ) from my Mr. F through my brother Shaamil, and its a Prada handbag! *pengsan sambil menangis*Thank you love! love love!

#6. My friends surprised me with a cake one day before my birthday! (yes, totatally surprised) group hugs please!

#7. Cakes only for my birthday so calories doesnt count for the day

#8. I just discovered that in Turkey,  bestfriends will say "Gozlerinden Operiz" that means "We kiss your eyes". and... i didnt have my name on my birthday cake!

#9. I never told anybody that i wanted a TOMS, went few days back to buy but my size was finished. And Enes surprised me wit a pair of red TOMS. He got my size perfectly! Again, totally surprised until i burst into tears Tessekurler Canim!

#10. I was looking for a pink chiffon jacket, and again, Derya surprised me in advance with a pink jacket *pengsan lagi skali tapi tak nangis* Tessekurler Askim!

#11. 3 of us were wearing the same color on my birthday eve.

#12. I looked funny in all pink, should have worn stripes/flowery printed tops with the pink jacket instead.

#13. I ordered few Pandora charms from a friend and i got the parcel right on my birthday!

#14. I got to read 'What i know now at 29..'.Thanks Shakira for sharing! its all true indeed!

#15. Im 29 but still not married. not planning anytime soon. and not available. Haha org kata.. lekluuu

#16. Yes, so many advance gift. I got a necklace from sis Hasibe on my birthday eve. Beautiful. Thank you!

#17.  I didnt get the chance to snap photos of my gifts.. just look at Gucci! blerghh

#18. My bestfriend wanted to be the first to wish me, gelojoh with a typo. -.-

#19. Mr. F is not the type who rush to be the first person to wish. -.- Oh well, doesnt matter.. the Prada got it covered. Hahaha *not being materialistic but realistic* haha

#20. I didnt expect to get so many gifts on my 29th birthday. Alhamdulillah, rezeki 29 tahun.

#21. I thought birthdays are just like normal days. I was wrong. I feel special on my day!

#22. I realised that its okey to be 60kg at 29.. -.-

#23. The longest facebook wish was by my best buddy, Juli! Haha. and i was touched.

#24. I got a free toast on my birthday..

#25. And awesome nescafe..

#26. Yup, the whole day today i only take photos and update my blog. Gotta work overtime tomorrow untuk ganti waktu curi tulang. hehe.. hey its my birthday today.. :)

#27 Thanks to all who have wished me in fb, instagram, whatsapp...

#28 Aha.. Finally!  Mr. F kind of birthday wish...  ( the picture was taken in Istanbul on 2013).I didnt know he had the picture, and seriously i didnt know he did that to me..! We were good friends back then.. such a wonderful moment to cherish!

#29 . Alhamdulillah i know i will have a wonderful and awesome birthday.. Thank you guys!

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