17 June 2014

My Dadidu..


Aha.. that is my one and only dadidu! My favourite man, my favourite hero, and the first man that fall in love with me i tell u! hehe..

Never too late to wish happy dadidu's day coz to me everyday is his day. As much as i want to thank u, i also want to apologize coz raising a daughter might be one of the biggest challenges a father goes tru.. orang kata, lagi senang bela lembu sekandang. Speaking from my own experience, im sory for any grey hair ive caused u in the past, sampai dah takde rambut hitam dh skrg ni.. and need to buy inai every 2 weeks.. very costly i tell u!

Even i snapped at u sometimes when u asked me to dress properly, wear hijab, less make up.. i understand u just want me to be good muslimah and to make sure ill always look good inside and out. Well papa, theres still a long future of me screwing up and running to ur help so harap bersabar.. im ur one and only daughter ok so please bear with me. Happy fathers day! I love u.. we love u!

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