8 November 2013

My Gucci.


Aha! its not a handbag or any of Gucci stuff.. but its my new kitten and i named her Gucci.! Well, those who close to me and knows me well,  they will definitely know how i love cats! Cats are just such wonderful companions and started thinking to get one here in Istanbul. And taraa! i just got myself a Scottish Fold kitten yesterday.. and let me introduce to you.. my Gucci..

Hello! My name is Gucci and Im earless

This is my bungalow.. i wished i would have a bigger one!

Mummy, can i have this collar pleaseee.. it would be nice on me!!

Planning to get a Gucci collar for her but most designer collars are for dogs.. hmmph kena buat sendiri ni..! Hehe idea jahat sudah datang.. ok Gucci.. just wait for your new Gucci collar ok! will try to make one for you.. ok??

To all my loyal readers, guess thats all for now.. thanks for reading! stay tuned!

4 November 2013

Caprice Gold FB Page!


Hello everybody.. hope you ladies are having a great Monday! Monday blues, no? haha. Well actually i need a favor from all my loyal and lovely readers to like Caprice Gold FB page which ive created few months ago. Alhamdulillah we have reached 333 likes and our target is to get at least 1000 likes by end of this year. So rajinkanlah jari jemari anda yang runcing, montok2, manis2 itu ye.. Just click here-> LIKE!

23 October 2013

.. and the story begins..


Ive been looking a bracelet that i could match with my watch and ive always wanted a Pandora bracelet, but each time i went to Pandora i ended up confused with their thousands of charms and just walk off giving up. Haha. So one day, someone asked me do i like pandora and i said yes! but the only problem is.. i dunno how to begin my story bcoz there are lots of charms, and i was told just to choose one, yes just one charm to begin with.. Ok, i went to pandora and try to looked for one.. only ONE! i promised to myself.

As i was browsing through.. the sales person asked what was my occasion getting the charm and i told her its just a treat for myself (since takde orang nak belikan kaaannn...) haha.. looking at those charms, the price is like a bomb to me.. but since i like it so much, no harm in getting one.. hihi.. Ok, back to the sales girl, she was so helpful finding a suitable charm for me, she asked what i like to do, what is my hobby, do i have boyfriend. what i like to buy and i told her lil bit of my past and my current life ( perlu kee??) bla bla... and finally... this is what i got .. my first pandora.. my design.. my journey..

I got myself a dangling heart-shaped for the center piece and two pieces of heart-shaped clips as a stopper for left and right. (Its more than one charm Maryam!! Haha)  I love the design coz  the design of the piece has more meaning than the price.. It shows love and gives a feeling that i care and love for someone..

Well, i love what i have chosen, and im planning to add more and complete the whole bracelet coz these pandora charms are just so addictive.. u cant simply just get one.. u will want to get more and more.. Haha.. Luckily,its hard to find Pandora here in Istanbul, they have selling those charms at the small corner in selected watch shop and very limited.. If not,   i would definitely go and get a new charm for myself every week.. haha.. ( plus, ada orang tu cakap nak bagi sebulan satuuuuu.. aww thankkssss! so by the time i balik malaysia, i will get 3 charms la kan? haha)  really love my pandora and been wearing it everyday!

Ok, that all about my first pandora journey.. stay tuned for my next entry on my London getaway.. (nothing much pun.. the same London... haha) Ok girls, take care! Thanks for reading!

8 October 2013

Something I want to share..


Its Tuesday. Alhamdulillah the weather is turning cooler and a little less sun, its finally autumn here in Istanbul.. yeay! And today is my one and only all time favorite hero's birthday! Happy birthday papa! May Allah bless you on your special day, we wish u good health and steady wealth.. InsyaAllah.. Love u pa!

Talking about a hero, mama once told me that.. when u hold a man's hand and he makes ur heart beat faster, and he makes u feel all those butterflies feeling in ur tummy, she said, walk away from this man.. she even posted at my Facebook timeline saying dont find a man who solve ur problem, find a man who wont let u to face ur problem alone.. (well, ive seen this somewhere) whatever and wherever it came from, somehow her statement is true..

Honestly, ive always been someone who gets carried away with feelings, when mama advised and keep telling me that i should marry a man who loves me more than i love him, i knew but i just ignored. Ive always been the one who 'over-invest' in a relationship n i felt that i would always be the one who will love the other person more.

But as time goes by, after what ive gone through in my previous marriage, i began to open my eyes and see that love is not just some disney movie with a fairy-tale ending. Love is extremely hard when comes to marriage. Relationships are hard as well. We dont always get what we expect and just lovey dovey romantic moment, sweet words, are just not enough to make it work. Its more than that... and u just cant do it alone..

She was right.. find a man who loves u more than u do. Though u wont feel no great overwhelming passion at the beginning of the relationship (bcoz ur boyfriend or partner loves u more) yet, it feels good. Learn to love him more and keep believe in yourself that its something that would last longer insyaAllah.. and as for me, i would definitely find a man who i will feel warm, safe and secure each time im with him.. and that would be a man that im going to marry.. InsyaAllah

p/s : May Allah bless this long-distance relationship. Amiin

28 September 2013

Teaching.. ??


As September was approaching, many different things were running through my mind. Oh hell yes, time to really focus on work now. I have enjoyed my one month holiday and now, here I am.. getting back to the routine, or a new routine i supposed? Apart from being an executive in Human Capital Division, they burden me with a new task as an English teacher in the Group, i repeat, English Teacher.!! How is it going to fit together? So many things i need to look at and focus on.. the curriculum, classroom management, the speaking level of each student... and how on earth am i going to do it aaalllllll... honestly, my english is not good enough to become a teacher..(ada orang cakap baik tulis Melayu je kat blog ni.. english tunggang terbalik)

Preparing for class... errrghh!

Heading to my first english class for this coming Monday, there were a lot of sleepless night with a sack of everything in my head that i wanted to say to my students. There are a lot of teaching methods that i want to use in my class, and sometimes i would just got so stressed out and confused with the chosen method ( Now i understand, its not easy to be a teacher) Haha.. sorry saya memang suka stress sorang2...

Time management is very important for me now, as i need to stay up late for 2 reasons, preparing for my class and skype! Yes, 'we' skype everyday without miss for almost 4 months now.. ridiculous? Yes. Healthy? I also think Yes. My journey to this point is challenging, but my heart i know, im ready and i can do it! Yes, i can.. InsyaAllah!

Monday is my first day “in charge” of my classes, and I’m so excited. I’ve had a few days to get to know my students, and I’ve already learned quite a few names. I’m READY for Monday! Wish me luck girls!

Thats all for now, back to work! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

17 April 2013

First timer


Im a first-timer of SKII and it took me so long to try the set. I have skin problem since forever and ive tried so many products in the market and it didnt really help. Most people suggested to me to try skII especially the essence or they called it miracle water. Again, it took me so long to buy the product until this one generous person gave me a present of the cellumination deep surge EX series and that triggers me to get the whole set for myself. Finally. 

Well honestly i dont believe in this miracle water. i dont want to put my trust in because according to by belief there no such thing as miracle. But i really do believe in effective. After trying the products for 3 weeks, it is undeniable one effective and amazingly powerful skincare.

With God's will of course, after few weeks there is significant improvement on my skin, i noticed my skin become more radiant, and smoother (mcm dlm iklan la pulak). I really enjoy the benefits this facial treatment essence giving me, its nice and fresh and i feel so SKII-ish now.. seriously!

Thanks for reading!

14 April 2013

Next Plan


Happy Sunday to all my lovely readers. Well, sundays are just truly one of my favorite days and sunday is just a good day to chill and relax right?. Guess what? now is 12.59am and i just got back from the office. Working on Sunday? Hell yes! Currently i have a job to handle and it requires me to work during the weekends. Its ok, anything for u boss! I just dont know why but today i feel so energetic, usually on saturdays n sundays i feel so lazy, wake up late, just feel to relax and watch tv and lying on the bed doing nothing.. and will create thousand of reasons not to come to the office on weekend. But today is just different .. guess must be something ea?

Ok, lets talk about this 'next plan' thingy. since i get a lot of questions related to my future plans, ill share them with all of u n for people who know me well, this certainly isnt a secret anymore.. Again, this is just a plan and my dreams, and InsyaAllah i will make it to reality. I did mention in my previous post that i want to pursue another Master in Istanbul. Well come to think of it, its not worth the money, time and energy to pursue second masters and everybody including my lectures advised me not to. Why? because it will be absolutely a right choice if i pursue a PhD, they said. Honestly, im just not ready for PhD.

Whatever it is, i'm still with my plan to go far far away. If pursuing another master is a waste of time and money, i think i have to start planning to work abroad? Where? With who? Position? Haha guess u all know the answers. Dad and the deputy ceo offered me a job in Caprice Group as a HR exec. This is an opportunity for me and i have to grab it! When to go? InsyaAllah in this year of 2013.