8 November 2013

My Gucci.


Aha! its not a handbag or any of Gucci stuff.. but its my new kitten and i named her Gucci.! Well, those who close to me and knows me well,  they will definitely know how i love cats! Cats are just such wonderful companions and started thinking to get one here in Istanbul. And taraa! i just got myself a Scottish Fold kitten yesterday.. and let me introduce to you.. my Gucci..

Hello! My name is Gucci and Im earless

This is my bungalow.. i wished i would have a bigger one!

Mummy, can i have this collar pleaseee.. it would be nice on me!!

Planning to get a Gucci collar for her but most designer collars are for dogs.. hmmph kena buat sendiri ni..! Hehe idea jahat sudah datang.. ok Gucci.. just wait for your new Gucci collar ok! will try to make one for you.. ok??

To all my loyal readers, guess thats all for now.. thanks for reading! stay tuned!

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