13 January 2015

Modern Hospital Guangzhou - Oil Seed Removal


Hehe lets do some make over! Bukan besarkan mata, atau kecikkan hidung atau cucuk collagen. Tapi its oil seed removal. Yeah, like other people, to have oil seeds or milia seeds (white heads) or milk spots around the eyes is the last thing i want to have on my face. I can still consider pimples as they just come and go. But these oil seeds are permanently there and its quite disturbing.

I used to buy so many kind of beauty products especially eye cream coz im having a bad dark circle and that can be the cause of the growth of oil seeds around my eyes. Besides that, the level of cholesterol inside your body can also cause oil seeds. Ah lagi satu! taking too much of chicken. Oppsss i just love KCF,, sorry!

So since our room is in the same level with medical cosmetics department, i decided to get it done here. Alang2 sebulan duduk sini.. buat je lah. kan? So alhamdulillah, it has been removed using laser and walla! rasa seperti di lahirkan semula. Ewah!

So those who want to get it done, you can go to Herbaline for consultation. My cousin suggested me to go there tpi tak pegi2 coz i heard they do the extraction manually. Siapa yang tak kisah and tahan sakit, boleh pegi. Hehe

Ok, thats all for today. banyak plak masa update blog kan.. alhamdulillah mom's condition is getting better and i have lil bit of time. Thanks for reading!

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