2 February 2014

Sunny Sunday..!


Alhamdulillah.. after a whole week of super cold weather, finally today is a sunny day! To make it even better its SUNday and its always nice to have a day off and go out chilling isnt it? I got so excited to see the sun today, grabbed my scarf and jacket n planned for a outing with my beloved brother (pfft) to Eyup. Lets shopping!

Those who want to experience different Istanbul and avoid tourists on Sundays, Eyup is a definitely and certainly the best place to go. Its quite far from those famous historical place like Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofya and Topkapi Palace. I am pretty sure you wont come across this place if you were to be on tour. Scarf and Shawl hunters.. this is absolutely your place! So kalau visit Istanbul jangan lupa drop by Eyup ok!

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