29 April 2014

Lets Decor with Cik Yam - Curtains & Kitchen


Ive promised that i will share about the interior design in our new house but this Mawar thingy kept me busy and i didnt get the time to update. So the other day i was out with mom looking for nice curtains materials for the whole house. As usual, i got to make the decision on the designs and the material. Before i finalize everything, i need to put few things into consideration. Which are:

1.The house is small (placing the curtain track and the fabric design)
2. The hall are facing the sun rise and the lights come in like its Hari Raya! (terik wey) (Fabric and material)

So lets go tru one by one..

1. Small house - placing your curtain track is freaking important. Based on my previous experience in decorating a small house (cheh macam pro lah) , i like to place the curtain track up near the ceiling (the highest it can reach). Why? Always keep in mind that placing ur track higher will add height to the room/living hall and obviously it makes your room/living hall looks dramatic, cozy and elegant (ha gitewwww). Secondly, the design is also important, macam pilih baju la, kalau gemok jangan la pilih jalur melintang(unless u are confident and never complain that u look fat, like me), so choose a slightly less designs on the fabric. pleaseeeee avoid heavy patterns which will create a feeling of less space defntly will make the area looks crowded (tarik nafas)

2. Since our hall is facing sunlight which it will fade out the curtains,we need to avoid dark and bright colors coz they will fade faster. Earth colors like beige, gray, off white, are the perfect colors for us!

Ok, the curtains are ready.. lets check 'em out!

Living Hall

Master Bedroom

My tiny room 

Curtains and sheer are just like 'U' and 'I' at the keyboard that always be next to each other. So jangan pisahkan mereka ok! As for the hall and my room, i chose sheers with some glitters on it, so bila malam macam bling2 sikit and it will give sense of brighter room. Konon la (bukan maryam la kalau takde bling bling kan) Kitchen takde heavy curtain, just light weighted sheers will do, sebab nak masak kan..dah la masak melayu ada belacan bagai.. haha.

As u can see the kitchen is ready, i managed to find white dining for the kitchen i want it to be blend in with the wall and floor and of coz no other reason besides making the area looks bigger. We gotta save some space to move around! At first, i suggested to put a kitchen island but mom said we need have two set of dining table (one for daily use (4 seater), another one for guest (6 seater)) that would be placed in living room and kitchen. So ke laut la kitchen island tu.. haha (takpe rumah sendiri nanti must have!)

Well, i guess thats all for now about curtains and kitchen area, next project is the home lighting.. i need to look some nice chandeliers, table lamps, wall lights (maybe). So will update once everything is ready ok?Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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