23 April 2014

Gulhane Park, Istanbul..


Today is the national day of Turkey. So lets celebrate the day with you loved ones! Everybody s off today and lets hit some place for nice photos

Since we missed out the tulips festival last week at Emirgan Park, we managed to enjoy the colorful and wonderful tulips at Gulhane Park around Sultanahmet area.. it was amazingly beautiful.. SubahanaAllah! (tak kira nak cari tulips jugak!)

Before we walked down to the Gulhane Park, we dropped by at Blue Mosque to capture some nice shots, AND mom said "BUT FIRST, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE WITH MY KIDS .." hahahahaa!

Well, it has been almost a year i work and live in Istanbul. One thing for sure we never get enough to take photos around Sultan Ahmet area, the Blue Mosque is massive and extremely beautiful, and we can spend hours to admiring and appreciate the beauty of it. Again, its just spectacular, a fabulous place to see and experience..

Opss ada gambar posing sakan uolss! jangan marah ok.. Hmm tak payah gi Jepun macam ni..

Gulhane Park is located behind the Topkapi Palace, and it is actually the outer garden of the palace. But you cant access the park tru the entrance of Topkapi Palace, u might need to walk about 80-100m down follow the tram way.

The park is a wonderful place to relax in the shade and i think it never seems to be overly crowded. Very peaceful place!

Here are the beautiful Gulhane Park with thousands of tulips pictures.. Enjoy!

Ok thats about it. Esok kerja.. dozing off now. good night people! and Happy National Day to all Turkish people! xoxo thanks for reading girls! Stay tune!

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