16 April 2014

Mistakes, Sorry and Regret..


Looking back, its easy to say when its done.its easy to say you are sorry and regret for what had happened. You are too easy with words and make people believe in you..all i can say to you is you are selfish self-centered loser. Its the truth. Swallow it.

Here are some advice to u..

I know everybody make mistakes. Human make mistakes and we learn our lesson from our mistakes. But the excuse that "we are only human" and we can make mistakes (continuously) is bullshit. The word 'regret' makes u look weak and small. We are powerful enough to prvent almost all accidents n incidents but again with your easy words and promises, u being such a selfish assholes that only to be excused by saying sorry and regret.

u think u are so powerful with ur money and good-looking-charming face that Allah grant u..
but ACTUALLY to the world, u are weak for contantly breaking ur word and then saying sorry. the world hates u because we doesnt treat people who r not responsible enough to take care of their shit. u r  actually accomplish less and blame people around u (family n wife especially) why ur life sucks.

i thought u have changed after all the bad stories n gossips about u. But i was wrong. u are the same old sweet talker man that always break his promises. well, im not perfect either, but one thing for sure i was being completely honest n faithful and hoping something miracle to happen. but neehhhhhh~ after all what we have been tru u can only say sorry and regret?

Now im becoming aware of the affect of my apologies and excuses. plus im not the type that easy with words. ive come to an understanding that we are literally as powerful and capable as we say we are. Anything we say, we can make it happen. nak seribu daya taknak seribu dalih. Takut? then you are such a coward yang berlagak macho. My mom cakap kalau tak berani ke depan, potong tut gantung kat dahi pls..

Lastly, dont let urself be small and irresponsible. All the best in your life.

P/s : u dont have to seek forgiveness from me, u have done nothing wrong. All u need to do is seek forgiveness from Allah. i have always forgive u but i cant help myself to hate u.

to all my readers, im sorry if i sound a bit harsh in this entry.. somehow i need to let it ouuutt!

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