21 April 2014

Spectacular view at Pierre Loti, Istanbul..


Last month i received a message from my old friend that i had not seen in almost 3-4 years who happens to be in Istanbul for a month. So yesterday, I invited her and family for a light breakfast and catching up session at Pierre Loti.

Pierre Loti  is famous for its amazing and spectacular view over the Golden Horn. This place must include in your to-do-list if you were to be in Istanbul. As what i posted in my previous post about Eyup, Pierre Loti also located in Eyup but its on the hill top of Eyup and its not exactly on the typical tourist path. So those who are on guided tour its for sure that you wont get around this area.

You have two options getting up to the Pierre Loti , first by Cable Car from Eyup Mosque or you can drive up straight up the hill (ala.. macam genting highland la.. ). Like us, we asked the taxi driver to drive up straight sebab ada baby kecik omey omey si Mikhail yang serius!

Some photos of me,Ija and Mikhail yang serius.. haha

It was wonderful catching up with Ija.. still the same sweet, cute and humble Ija that i have known more than 10years. InsyaAllah jumpa lagi before u go back ok! *hugs*

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