17 April 2014

Cuti2 Malaysia..


Hello! its thursday.. and im back to work.. safely arrived in Istanbul on Monday morning and still coping with my jet lag and overslept sampai sembab muka tak ingat! Mom and lil brother Shaamil just arrived this morning and yeay! we are back together as one big family! 

That short 2 weeks in Malaysia was extremely tired weeks for me as i need to entertain and be a tour guide for 2 turkish families. It was fun too coz i could visit some places in KL which i haven't been before.. haa percaya tak? Oh yes, i come to realized that there are so many places in Malaysia or specifically in KL that i have never visited.. haha.. oklah, sambil menyelam minum air.. 

Apart from KL, we also went to Singapore for a short one day tour and back to KL on the same day. Oh well, it was tiring but we had so much fun! i didnt get the chance to take photos at all places that we visited coz i was busy taking their picutres. tourist diutamakan ok.. hehe

Some photos to share during their visit..

And the best moment when in Malaysia is when i finally got to see my little Ulya.. tho i was busy layan my guest and Mr. F smpai merajuk sebab jarang jumpa dia.. but i promised my mself i need to find a time to meet my bestfriend and her little princess.

Thank you so much my dearest Whyda for came all the way from Perak to meet us! Love u and Ulya so so much!Hope u like the lil gift for Ulya from us. Heart u beb!!

The best moment.. !

Us at Paddington Pancake House, The Curve

My little Ulya 
Ok guys, thats all for now.. macam biasa la i really need to get back to work..  thanks for reading! Stay tuned!

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