17 April 2014

The best day for Bekam..


I just got to know today is one of the best day to do Bekam as what Prophet Muhammad said: "Whoever performs hijamah (bekam/cupping) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day then it is a cure for every disease"

The best time to do cupping is during empty stomach. "Cupping on an empty stomach is best, in it is a cure and a blessing. it improves the intellect and the memory". So everybody, cup yourself with the blessing of Allah specifically on Thursday

I was told by my colleague that today is one of the best day to do and me, my brother and him went to Fatih and perform our first bekam (during working hour pls.. haha) . Sorry I was not allowed to take picture inside the place. Alhamdulillah i felt so much relax and clean. After the treatment,  we were told not to eat any forms of meat or any animal source food... huu laparrnyaa..

We went back to the office and had a healthy walnut salad for our lunch at our Caprice Restaurant. Alhamdulillah it was a blessed Thursday indeed.

A happy face after cupping and healthy lunch ( selfie is a must!)

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