14 April 2013

Next Plan


Happy Sunday to all my lovely readers. Well, sundays are just truly one of my favorite days and sunday is just a good day to chill and relax right?. Guess what? now is 12.59am and i just got back from the office. Working on Sunday? Hell yes! Currently i have a job to handle and it requires me to work during the weekends. Its ok, anything for u boss! I just dont know why but today i feel so energetic, usually on saturdays n sundays i feel so lazy, wake up late, just feel to relax and watch tv and lying on the bed doing nothing.. and will create thousand of reasons not to come to the office on weekend. But today is just different .. guess must be something ea?

Ok, lets talk about this 'next plan' thingy. since i get a lot of questions related to my future plans, ill share them with all of u n for people who know me well, this certainly isnt a secret anymore.. Again, this is just a plan and my dreams, and InsyaAllah i will make it to reality. I did mention in my previous post that i want to pursue another Master in Istanbul. Well come to think of it, its not worth the money, time and energy to pursue second masters and everybody including my lectures advised me not to. Why? because it will be absolutely a right choice if i pursue a PhD, they said. Honestly, im just not ready for PhD.

Whatever it is, i'm still with my plan to go far far away. If pursuing another master is a waste of time and money, i think i have to start planning to work abroad? Where? With who? Position? Haha guess u all know the answers. Dad and the deputy ceo offered me a job in Caprice Group as a HR exec. This is an opportunity for me and i have to grab it! When to go? InsyaAllah in this year of 2013.

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