8 October 2013

Something I want to share..


Its Tuesday. Alhamdulillah the weather is turning cooler and a little less sun, its finally autumn here in Istanbul.. yeay! And today is my one and only all time favorite hero's birthday! Happy birthday papa! May Allah bless you on your special day, we wish u good health and steady wealth.. InsyaAllah.. Love u pa!

Talking about a hero, mama once told me that.. when u hold a man's hand and he makes ur heart beat faster, and he makes u feel all those butterflies feeling in ur tummy, she said, walk away from this man.. she even posted at my Facebook timeline saying dont find a man who solve ur problem, find a man who wont let u to face ur problem alone.. (well, ive seen this somewhere) whatever and wherever it came from, somehow her statement is true..

Honestly, ive always been someone who gets carried away with feelings, when mama advised and keep telling me that i should marry a man who loves me more than i love him, i knew but i just ignored. Ive always been the one who 'over-invest' in a relationship n i felt that i would always be the one who will love the other person more.

But as time goes by, after what ive gone through in my previous marriage, i began to open my eyes and see that love is not just some disney movie with a fairy-tale ending. Love is extremely hard when comes to marriage. Relationships are hard as well. We dont always get what we expect and just lovey dovey romantic moment, sweet words, are just not enough to make it work. Its more than that... and u just cant do it alone..

She was right.. find a man who loves u more than u do. Though u wont feel no great overwhelming passion at the beginning of the relationship (bcoz ur boyfriend or partner loves u more) yet, it feels good. Learn to love him more and keep believe in yourself that its something that would last longer insyaAllah.. and as for me, i would definitely find a man who i will feel warm, safe and secure each time im with him.. and that would be a man that im going to marry.. InsyaAllah

p/s : May Allah bless this long-distance relationship. Amiin

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