3 June 2014

Its June!


Alhamdullilah, its already month of June. I cant believe that half of 2014 is gone! Time seems to just slip away so quickly these days, doesnt it? Hmm one achievement im really please with this and last month is I seem to have gotten myself into the habit of yoga. Seriously yoga is very addictive and i want to do it with all sort of new poses almost everyday. Sometimes i do it outdoor early in the morning, and tru my reading, yoga is good during sunrise or sunset.

I have a serious menstrual cramping and sometimes i need to take a day off and whole day of bed ridden during my 1st and 2nd day. I have always depend on Ponstan which i think its not good to consume all the time. Mr. F been advising me to do Yoga but yeah, LAZY is the answer for him each time he asked me to, haha!

Sometime around last week, my bestfriend cum business partner, Waida sent me a photo of her doing yoga. Looking at her pic, omg! of coz i felt envy coz at her age, married and have baby, she possesses a super hot body. Really! And guess what? the next day and until today, i practice yoga every night while skype-ing and Mr. F is enjoying being my time keeper. Haha. thank you hun! and as for me and waida, we always share some tips and we keep giving each other strength to keep the routine. Alhamdulillah, im feelin so much healthier now..

So the best part of June is.. its my birth month!  Going to be 29 soon.. dah kerepottt dah.. i really want to enjoy my final year of 2 series, tahun ni jela boleh enjoy salary.. next year need to save up for a bigger plan, insyaAllah.. eeeeee cepatnya masaaaaa....

So what does my birth month says about me?
June is a month of pearl. Yes, i love pearls so much and they are very classic. Pearls are literally match with anything, tak kisah la.. with ur normal printed top ke, jeans ke..kurung ke.. they will look just great. My first pearl necklace i got it from my mom and i love wearing it last time, now cannot sebab pakai hijab, the neclace is too short. it was one my fav necklace back then.

As hijabies, im more into bracelets now. :) Yes... pearls are not too expensive, but i dunno why, somehow personally they look more elegant and classy than other jewelry, and they are just part of me..

Ok next..

According to islamic calendar, i was born on Tuesday 6th of Shawal 1405H, orang lain sebok beraya my mom sebok nak beranak. haha.. Mom told me during that time, Dad was in Jakarta for work, she was ready to deliver a baby but sempat singgah salon potong rambut and went to the hospital alone. She didnt call my dad at all before and after the delivery. Mom told all my aunties and cousins to keep it as a secret.  Haha.. Dad went back after 3 days and mom surprised him with a baby girl on the bed. "Eh! Laki ke pompuan??" my dad asked. And mom answered "check la sendiri... " *dgan muka selamba*... hahaha funny! can imagine mom saying that.. ! Dad wanted to name me Maryam, but mom wanted Soalihah.. And they decided to combine the two names Maryam Soalihah (مريم صالحه) - Thats how i got my name basically.

Alhamudulillah this year, my birthday falls on Sha'ban month and  i pray to Allah to get more more baraqah and His blessings in life, InsyaAllah.

Guess thats all about month of June/Sha'ban. Selamat beribadah di bulan Sha'ban and be prepared for coming Ramadhan ya. Stay tuned!

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