29 January 2014

Taking the challenge..


Helloo ladies. Ok i know i have been doing and trying a lot of diet programs, and as you can see.. it doesnt happend. The scale just doesnt budge! blerghhh.. and now i have gained 6 kilos. YES 6!! The main reason is i have been overeating for the past 2 months. I dunno why .. i just cant stop munching!
So today, my first day of 30days eat clean challenge.

I had plain tuna sandwiches (no mayonese ok) for my breakfast and lunch. Wooo tergugat jugaklah tengok kebab but alhamdulillah.. tahannn.. and today is my 5th day of  sugar-free drinks.. i feel healthier and rasa muka kecik sikit like 1mm .. like honestly! complexion pun alhamdulillah better. tak percaya,, cuba try!

My first day was quite challenging. perut berkeroncong sepanjang masa.. haha.. well whats for tomorrow? seriously i dunnoo.. (another angan2 mat jenin nak kurus) haha.. but seriously this time btol2 kena disiplin. insyaAllah boleh! wish me luck girls.. :)

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