27 January 2014

It has changed me..


Dah lama tak cerita2 kan.. Hehe.. macam biasa la.. sibuk sikit.. before i begin i would like to thank to all my loyal readers yang still baca blog ni.. i know i have been changing the link and title for quite often.. haha.. content pun macam ntah pape.. but u still visit my blog and looking forward for the next entry.. (ni pun ada orang dah sound bila nak update) Ok, for this entry ..let me continue with my hijab story.. my hijab journey..

Hijab. It has changed me bit by bit in so many ways since i wore it. I love it and i just cant wait to get up in the morning and try some new style with hijab..  Memang betul, the first stage of wearing the hijab i have faced so so many challenges.. (ni case iman tak kuat, jangan tiru aksi ini)..

Firstly i felt different and awkward among my turkish friends.. Haha yeah mostly they are not wearing hijab and sexaayyy.. Secondly i felt weird and cant add my style with hijab, i have so limited clothes and even i went shopping with my friends i felt so envy that they can buy and wear anything but as for me i need to do some extra 'scanning' and open my eyes wider as i am wearing hijab now.. i cant simply grab those clothes like i used to .. Apart from that.. somehow i felt my self-esteem has dropped because some people say i look better without hijab.. huuu to be honest, it wasnt that easy at first to be seen different especially in your circle of friends that are not wearing hijab.. i can say it is much easier to be different inside but not on the outside..

Tapi tu semua mula mula je.. Biasala hasutan syaitan orang kata.. Alhamdulillah, Allah is Great, Allah is Beautiful. I managed the fear, uneasiness and comfortableness very well. Now i am stronger and my faith has grown.  Kalau niat tu memang untuk Dia..insyaAllah everything will be alright. And who said u cant add style with your hijab on? Haha.. ok let me share my story with all of you..

One day after the first week of wearing hijab, i was sitting down on my bed and termenung sejenak. Started to list down in my head all the clothes that i have (dalam otak tengah buat mix and match) looking at those clothes.. what to do with those short dress.. short sleeves tops.. and all those baju yang tak sesuai untuk pakai dengan tudung.. i really need to start develop my new wardrobe..

Ahaa.. i found  my old knee-length dress.. i love it sooo much because somehow the dress makes me looks slimmer.. takkan nak give away kan? So what i did was.. match the dress with my long black flared skirt.. wallaaa~ terus jadi kurung modern.. bravo maryam! haha tpi sebenarnye bila tengok hijab fashion kat internet.. ramai je dah buat mcm tuu.. heeee.. sorry i lambat sikit! but what im trying to say here is hijab doesnt stop you to be stylo mylo.. boleh jer, asalkan you know how to wear it.. what to wear it with.. and when to wear it.. You will look absolutely gorgeous with your hijab. Cheh.. dah macam konon2 terer sangaat.. sorry just got excited with the new me. Honestly i love the new me!

Im not giving fashion advises here okey.. i know im not that fashionable.. im just sharing my hijab journey. Thanks to all who never stop giving me supports (as well as compliments) my family of course..mom and dad are very happy that their one and only stubborn naughty but sweet daughter has finally wear hijab and also to my fashion consultant Mr. F that always there to help me to take my stress to figure out the best hijab style that suit my face shape.. and also help me to sort out my new 'wardrobe' ( hari2 skype buat fashion show ok) Hehe and thank you so much for got me some beautiful shawls.. love them!

Kenapa dan bagaimana? Haaaa tu adalah soalan2 cepuk mas yang sering dilemparkan kepada saya sejak berhijab. Haha.. ramai jugak terkejut sebab if you were to ask me pun.. seriously i dunno why i decided to wear hijab .. niat memang dah ada.. tapi nak pakai after balik umrah ( if i were to go this year InsyaAllah).tak pun on mom's birthday kononye nak surprise dia.. tapi mungkin hidayah tu datang lebih awal.. it was just on one day after i got back from work.. my heart told me repeatedly and confidently that its time to wear hijab. So the next day on 11th Jan.. hijab was my crown!

Well, i guess thats all for today. now is the time for me to pack up and go home.. Oh! currently im on diet (maryam tak abis2 diet/ gym tapi tak kurus puuuun) ive gained 6kilos. thanks to you.. yes YOU! for always make me happy and never fail to amaze me.. and thats the main reason why im faaaatttt.. booooooo~ ok ladies.. thanks for reading. stay tuned! i dunno when will be the next entry but just stay tuned ok! love you and thanks for reading!

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