28 January 2014

Shape and Style..


Good morning! and Happy Tuesday ladies.. May today be filled with giggles and hope you enjoy doing the 'friday dance' (though its not Friday yet) ahaha.  I just finished teaching and now im taking a few minutes to relax and write. Never thought my next entry will be this soon. Hehe. Haa sempat #ootd and #selfie jap. (photo). Before i go deep into my topic today, lets us pray together for my mother that currently admitted due to pneumonia lung infection. Lets together sedekahkan Al-fatihah ( alfatihah penyembuh segala penyakit ok) to my mother agar dia sembuh sepenuhnya.  *sigh* i wish i am beside her and take care of her in the hospital now. Haih, 

Ok, the topic would be still about Hijab. (tak abis2 maryam pasal hijab dia) Ok i know some of you tak kisah and feel confident with whatever hijab style but as for me, i just want it to be presentable and not so 'attractive'. I have been browsing a lot in the internet about hijab style with different face shapes. I had no clue on what styles to wear that suits my face and comfortable and improtantly covering at the same time. Mungkinn ada kekurangan di sana sini bila i berhijab (nampak dada.. baju not fully long sleeve, ternmpak leher sikit) tpi slowly insyaAllah sikit2 tertutup la semua. heee :)

Saya sedia maklum bahawa berhijab bukan lah for 'suit' or not.. its about covering and to please Allah. Tapi si pemakai terutama untuk budak baru belajar seperti saya haruslah berasa selesa and the most important thing is to build up my confidence since i was one of the first among my Turkish friends that wear Hijab. Biar nampak cantik so secara tidak langsung i am encouraging them to wear Hijab (slowly diorang mcm interested because they never expose with all different kind of hijab styles- u can see how they wear hijab in Turki.. samaje.. but they have best collection of hijab/shawls here)

What i want to share and want to know is on how to frame my face using my scarf. not the design, or that 'sup bunjut adabi' (oh please dont call me shallow or katak bawah tempurung with current hijab fashion) or 'bendera melaysia berkibar' i just want to style my hijab in a way that is comfortable and nice. 

The picture (click to enlarge) i got it from Ummi Nodliroh trough her Instagram on how to do your hijab in different face shapes. Those who have oval face, memang patut bersyukur.. semua style suits you! And for me (round face) style yang biasa juga sesuai i cant have flat .. haha (still syukuurr.). Ok besides the face framing, i also have been browsing on how to crown and style my hijab. My all time favourite adalah semestinya hana tajima tapi modify sikit sebab muka hana tajima panjang dan cantik.. Hehe. I think the style (besides style tudung bawal biasa)  really suits me. Turkish people pun mcm suka style ni tapi diorang tak berani cuba (dont ask me why). sebab ade few strangers been asking me, i just said "hana tajima" 

collection selfie.. haha.. (jangan marah aa)
The first time i wore this style and came to the office, ramai cakap i looked different. Yang nakal2 tu cakap saya macam character dalam cerita Star Wars ( teka sendiri yang mana.. haha) tak kisah lah semua tu. As long as im comfortable and feel confident.. tu yang lebih penting.. Yes i used to feel very low on not being able to look stylish wearing scarf and on top of this the added pressure is when they said i look better and prettier without hijab .. but now who cares yaaa.. kalau nak kisah orang kiri kanan memang sampai bila tak kemana.. i will use those negative people to climb up my ladder and be on top, look down and just smile at them.. (bukan riak ok, but i just dont want to stoop and be at their level) :) Sekarang dah 2014.. takde masa nak pikir and cakap pasal orang.

So guess thats all for now.. better get back to work! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy reading my entries. Will try my best to share some other infos as well.. jadi blog ilmiah sikit.. hihi sama2 belajar ok! Babai!

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