21 May 2014

Lets Decor with Cik Yam - Built-in / Storage


As i was saying earlier in my previous entry that i was busy cleaning and pack things up for the new house, let me share the progress of the deco project.. chewah.. hehe

Ok, i have always love built-in furniture, its defntly one of the way to save space in a small area. Since me and family living in a small house, i use every inch of space there to make it functional and it helps to get more organized by adding new storage behind blank walls. Barang banyak, rumah kecik.. built-in is the best solution. Lets transform the dead zones into some functional space.

Ok I'll start with the balcony, aha yes it is a balcony, can you see the compressor down there? haha ok sabar pls.. this space is halfway done ok, i'll figure out something to cover the compressor (thinking of a net). lets focus on the built-in first. But before that, just so u know that we decided to fully close our balcony with tinted glass coz  we are living in a 4 season country so during winter we can still lepak at the balcony to enjoy the view. So i use the balcony area as storage area during the winter season, some equipment that is not use during winter, i will put away in the balcony and same goes to other things like mop, pale, cleaning cloth, detergent etc. Add to that, i also got a multipurpose stool which can be used as a place to relax and enjoy the outdoor space.

We seldom use the aircond, the wind is quite chilly even during summer

From the balcony we go to the kitchen, nothing much on the kitchen cabinet because it comes together with the house, but need to add up at some empty areas and walls to make it more useful. Next to our dining table i have put a shelve for coffee and tea making. See the basket? Inside the basket i put a small white pot that i bought in Ikea (they are flower pots actually) but i put all the instant drinks instead. neat tak? ( oh well, it feels when u get to hold dad's debit card to buy stuffs  for this new house. He trusts me. He trusts my taste) Haha! (Sumpah takde commission okeyyy.. i do it coz i love to do it)

Ok now, lets organize the dining table. Instead of placing on your table, condiment wall rack is a great choice to keep the dining facility looking presentable. It can holds bottles, and can accommodate a few key things ketchup, sugar, salt, pepper (those commonyly requested items and malas nak bangun2 kan) depending on ur type of meals. Place it at your eye level so u can see easily and within reach.

It looks empty tho, but to me it looks clean and neat, (barang belum banyak lagi, tunggu la ada kicap, sos bagai.. haha) and next plan is to hang something (maybe mirror) above the rack..

For the rooms, built-in wardrobe can only fit in the master bedroom, another 2 rooms are quite small so me and my brother are getting normal size wardrobe (probably from ikea- sebab depan rumah jer, senang) As usual, i prefer mirror sliding door for the wardrobe to make the room looks bigger. nothing else.

Sorry for the messy arrangement, tengok la sape yang susun tu.. kalau tak supervise memang pakai letak jerr.. adoila abang.. haha

Aha, its my room. Coming soon... :)

Ok, guess thats all for cik yam's deco. Will update soon when everything is ready! InsyaAllah will moving in this Saturday. Thanks for reading ladies! Stay tuned for more updates. !

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