12 May 2014

Mama's Day!


Happy mama's / bonda's / mummy's / ibu's / mak's day to all mothers out there!  I have never experience being a mother but to some extent, i know how does it feels.. not a describable feeling one could experience.. Hmm jadi mak kucing pun rasa mcm best gile.. n this is like having your own children?? sejuta duta kuta kali la rasa best dia kan? haha..(cant wait to have my own.. Demi Allah) Ok now, do i deserve a mothers day wish too here for raising up my little gucci? Hehehe..

Since dad and abangah had to work on Sunday (saya di kecualikan kerana perempuan, untungnye la hai jadi perempuan) Me and mom had a late lunch at Balcoon Restaurant to celebrate her day.. Just two of us.. lets go "wild" on mama's day!

To mama, ur strength and love has guided me and gave me strength to move on after bad things happened. Thanks mom. Apart from that, despite all the arguments that we had, all the misunderstood between us, i know we do have some similiraties that both of us are business minded people. For instance, i still remember how u made me sell batu seremban with all sort of beautiful kain perca at school, and how u made us picked small cents that scattered all over the house and pay u for asamboi and milo nyotnyot ice cream. We love doing business not so much of money, we are just happy seeing people happy and love our choice and taste. So mom,  i dont have thank you today, i dont have to show my appreciation today coz to us everyday is your day mom. you are is the first in our list. We love you!

#ootd pose mesti ada. 

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