27 May 2014

Loving my tiny cell..


Alhamdulillah, it is a dad's dream to finally own his own house in Istanbul, and guess what? My eldest brother just bought a house just next to us. Haha! Guess everybody is living in Istanbul for good ea? Alhamdulillah, hmm  thinking to buy one too..tu nanti kita cerita, now lets focus on the room decor.

There are still ton of things need to be done but im taking a break for few days, seriously, it was my first time (dulu pindah umah bawak baju je) and it was extremely tiring. Nasib baik boss bagi 2 days off.. hehe :)

Here are some photos but as i said earlier its not fully done..

Red and White- perfect combination

The beautiful view from my bedroom window

I cant bare to look at that white clean wall, gotta put up something!

Organize your cosmetics!

Finally i can see  all my shawls, scarves, inner and belts very clearly

Aha.. no no.. Gucci's place is defntly not in my room or other rooms. Her area is just a small corner at the balcony.. (oh at least u have a place girl.. rumah lama takde, so jgn bising) Haa siap ada 'bungalow' for her to lepak and chill ok. haha.. She seems  happy with her new place and always look up and down watching people walking, moving trees and birds flying from the balcony. (harmony feeling la kononnye)


Happy Gucci 

Ok, thats all for now! thanks for reading!

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