16 May 2014

Alhamdulillah, my first investment..


Hmm looking at myself, age is reaching 3 series soon. This year would be the last year being 2 series. Kahwin blom lagi.. Anak blom ada lagi.. Haha..insyaAllah kalau ada rezki tak ke mana.. Things are destined for us will never be somebody else's. Indeed. Jadi bersabarlah.. semuanya dah tertulis and ada hikmah di sebaliknya.

Sementara hidup takde commitment ni, (selain memenuhi wardrobe with handbags and shoes) its better for me to do something that will benefit me in the future. Beli handbag mahal2 tak ke mana pun.. puas dia sekejap je.. sayang pun sekejap je.. lama2 jadi tongsampah berjalan segala barang sumbat dlm tu.. haha! tapi biasalah, perempuan namanye kaannn.. janji lah macam mana pun.. klau bab shopping semua janji2 manis "tak nak beli" jadi abu2 yg mengalir di sungai Goa. haha!

Ok, so today i just signed a purchase agreement of purchasing a timeshare which i considered as my first biggest investment (besides Mawar Turkiye) Berguna enough right? And ia lebih lebih berguna dan sangat manfaat and insyaAllah duit tu lebih berkat sebab it is an islamic timeshare. Not like other timeshare which only for limited time, the timeshare that i bought is for lifetime! which means i will get my monthly income for the rest of my life and it is transferable (kalau ditakdirkan pendek umur).

Now lets get into details mane tahu ade yang berminat nak invest jugak (bukan nak promote company but insyaAllah u might find it interesting)..

What is timeshare? Some people would say timeshare its not an investment, its a good purchase. But to us in Caprice, its an good investment. So caprice gold palace timeshare gives u the right (ownership) to the room to be rented out to other customer. We will rent out to other customers on behalf of u and will get rental income each month based on numbers of days u buy (min 1 day).

For example, 1 day timeshare is the right of the investor to use its 1-day ownership of his room OR rent it out to people for 1-day to get rental income.  BUT if u use your 1 day for yourself, you wont get the income for that whole year. So, if u buy the timeshare, obviously it is not for yourself, its for investment.

What makes us different from other timeshare is our timeshare offers better return compared to other investment and its a lifetime rental income. We also have additional bonuses and promotions and FREE stay at Caprice Gold Palace but T&C Apply ok.. hehe

If you want to know the amount of your income, u can visit www.capriceyatirim.com (please select english)

For A : Minimum amount you want to invest (minimum of 1 day that equivalant of  USD 15,000)
For B : Type of payment (Cash, Cheque, Barter (if you have other property to barter with us)
For C: When do you want to get your monthly income? Immediately OR after the hotel completed.

So say u put 25,000 TL we will find for u the nearest and minimum amount u can invest - 32,171 TL (USD16,085) , so your monthly income would be 516TL (USD260) every month tru out your life. Sape nak bagi oi? Within 5-6 years, u will get your ROI (Return on Investment) so lepas 6 years.. enjoy laaaa..

And kalau rasa dah boring or u get a better investment than us, u may sell back ur timeshare to us or other investors.

Almost there.... 
Caprice Gold Istanbul will be the biggest hotel in Europe, which insyaAllah will start to operate by end of 2015. It has 26 floors in total, 4 ala carte restaurants (japanese/chinese/turkish/arabic) and 24 hours buffet restaurants, 5 SPA center and 35 swimming pools. YES 35 SWIMMING POOLS! separate for men and women..

Oh before terlupa, the fixed guaranteed income is backed by a title deed issued by Municipality and the possible risk of investing with us is the downturn of the global economic.

So ladies? what do you think? i think it is a good investment. Will get my title deed soon and im a happy girl today! guess ill be smiling whole month as i will get my monthly income starting next month :) hehe..

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