30 May 2014

Random memory about a red scooter..


Somebody bought me a red scooter charm for my bracelet! thanks so much hun! haha.. Haa ni ada cerita and one of the sweet (sweet ke?) memories about a red scooter.. It happened long time ago i think somewhere in August last year? (but yeah, i just got the charm) Me and my friends went to some place in Thailand for a short getaway. It is an isolated place and itching to be discovered. The beach is awesome and remain unspoiled by tourists and of course its providing complete privacy. The best part was that nobody else was there. Just us.. haha.. cool wasnt it??( Sorry i cant upload photos coz that was before i wear hijab. ;) )

They have a small town, no malls, few waterfalls, beautiful caves and dolphins. I really love the place, i really wanna go there again for honeymoon maybe?.. insyaAllah.. (no friends this time).. hahaha! opssyy soryyy overr...

Haa cool kan?? No body and we own the place all to ourselves. 

Ok back to the red scooter story, so i told them i really want to ride a scooter coz easy to go anywhere plus the hotel was quite far from the town.. (kata isolated kan.. haha) so all of us get a scooter and me and Mr. F decided ride in one scooter. I said "I nak bawak pls.. teringin nak bawak motor.." but i warned him that i can only ride in one straight road.. nak suruh u-turn or any forms of 'turn' memang tak pandai and tak confident. He nodded tanda faham! haha so each time we need to turn we will change seat..percaya tak? and ini mengundang kemarahan sebab melambatkan aktiviti harian. kiki.. sorryyy laaaa..

And so there was one time he said "pusing je la, takde benda.. i control berat blakang.. ok turn!" guessss whaaaaattt happennnnned?? Both of us went into SEMAK but nobody hurt, coz both of us still on the scooter, hm well i cant turn but i can use the break haha  (tak jatuh, just terbabas dalam semak, sebab suruh belok.. tapi handle straight je! cmane motor nak pusing.. memang terbabas laaaa) hahaha itu la cerita si scooter merah.

He told me that he wd never forget the incident and that was why he got me the charm.. Hmm memories are sweet, arent they? Lets cherish 'em. Theres a saying .. "Sometimes u will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.. :)"

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