1 May 2014

Mom's 60th Birthday @ Royal China


Craving for Chinese food in Istanbul? Haaa.. lets have some chinese food at Royal China that is located at Polat Renaissance Hotel, Istanbul. Royal China is one of the best restaurants serving high quality and authentic Chinese food in Istanbul, bit pricey but really worth it! So yesterday all of us went to the restaurant to celebrate mom's 60th birthday.

My two pillars

A must try hot & sour soup

Chinese Vege Spring Roll

Roasted Duck

Chinese Fried Rice
One family photo for the album!

Oh yeah, selfie is a must!

Last but not least, wishing everybody happy holiday and labour day! No matter what kind of work and job we have, whether its not related to our degree or profession, always be proud of it and be thankful. Ingat, rezeki yang Allah bagi dalam pelbagai bentuk and janganlah sesekali mempertikaikan rezeki orang lain. Mungkin sekarang kita di bawah, mana tahu satu hari nanti kita pula di atas? Sentiasalah berdoa agar dimurahkan rezeki. Mulut orang? pedulikan! Use that to climb up ur ladder. Thats what i always do. InsyaAllah.

Thats all for now guys, thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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