5 May 2014

Dear Derya..


This entry is specially dedicated to the most amazing wonderful friend and sister. Yesterday (4th May) was her birthday.. so to my wonderful friend and sister, have a great birthday! Hope you like the present from me and Enes. Sen Cok Seviyorum! (me love you much!). May Allah gives u lots of joy and happy moments. and i pray that worries, angers and bad lucks remain away from you, insyaAllah.

Pitty her coz she had to work on her birthday, haha! like seriously? on sunday babe? hahaha! So all of us went to the office to celebrate and brighten up her special day. just for u my darling! Last but not least, life is short so enjoy every moment ok!

"Its Sunday peeps! lets go home and sleep.. Esok Kerja!"

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