17 March 2014

Lama tak update.. ( Jom shopping kasut)


In the meeting room (sekadar gambar hiasan)

Hello.. hmm nampaknya progam diet sudah ke laut. saya tahu memang dari dulu lagi saya jenis hangat2 tahi ayam. hahaha.. tak sampai pun 30 hari.. i think i can only tahan for 3 weeks.. tak tahan woo makan salad hari2.. tak nikmat hidup makan salad hari2 (eh, ni makan untuk hidup ke, hidup untuk makan ni???) hahaha whatever it is, saya berjaya turunkan hanya 2.5 kg without exercise coz i am a super lazy to move around. Dont they have some formula that we can just sit on couch and reduce weight?? Lagi 5.5kg tu nanti2 la.. coz i think with our age now, berat susah sangat nak turuuunnn ( cheh alasan je)

Okey, recently i went to a shoe factory that selling leather shoes (for men only). Alhamdulillah, setakat ni ramai yang dah order and i'll bring back to Malaysia on 29th March. Mostly are Turkey Names like Kigli, Bruno Maldini, but they also have Hugo Boss and Massimo Dutti with super duper minor defect that cannot be seen. We are selling at a very good price.. ( i dont have stock in hand, i will get them base on orders) 100% leather. (well, you know .. Turkey has a strong tradition of processing leather which comes from its historical past. And Turkey is one of the most assertive countries in producing high quality leather products in the world. ) - So they are super comfy!

 Here are the collections  (size 42 and 43 only)

Those who are interested boleh la whatsapp saya.. another 2 pairs i can bring back this 29th, the rest i will post from Turkey, so the price is exclude postage.

Stay tuned for more goods! I have Turkey shawl and scarves soon..sebab ramai sangat order i decided to do it online. Ok thanks for reading.

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