27 March 2014

Malaysia Oh Tanah Air ku! (Jom Shopping Shawl)


Ohoiiii... excitednya nak balik jumaat ni.. ill be going back to PJ the place where all my friends live (happens to be Mr. F lives in PJ too.. pandai tak i? haha) and where i grew up. Yes, memang best kerja abroad but hujan emas di negeri orang, lebih baik hujan batu di negeri sendiri.. ye dak? hehe.. I havent been back in almost emm emm 3 months? hehe.. My dad n brother said i banyak lemak sebab selalu sangat balik.. oh sorry pa sorry angah.. i cant be like you guys.. balik malaysia once a year je.. woooo.. mmg mogok tak masak i kat rumah (pandai2 korang la mkn sndiri.. heh.. at home im the boss ok pa? haha ) kalau tkde duit pun i dont care, i can walk to malaysia.. (err ye ke?)

This time, everybody is going back to Malaysia and we bring our family friends along. So ill be busy spending time with them jadi free tour guide (best jugak kan, nama je duk malaysia tapi tk abis tawaf lagi satu KL) for the first 6 days. The rest of 7 days i will be at home, with friends and with you! yes youu! rinduuu okeyyy..

Just a lil update on Mawar. Ok i dah start publish some of  Mawar collection in Instagram. Since ramai yang nak tengok sangat i decided to publish it early.. mcm soft opening la giteww.. haha.. alhamdulillah boleh dikatakan sambutan amat menggalakkan.. and ade jugak orang dah start beli after 1 hour publish.. syukuur alhamdulillah. You can go to mawar_turk to view the collections. selamat menjamu mata!

Those who are interested can email me your details (name, shipping add, hp no, and item) to marshayaa@gmail.com. Thank you

Jom Shopping!

Pink & Silver Printed Lace Shawl  RM 90

Pink Printed Lace Shawl   RM 90

Blur and Silver Printed Lace Shawl RM 90 - SOLD OUT

Dusty Pink & White Printed Lace Shawl RM 90 - SOLD OUT

Bronze & Green Printed Lace Shawl RM 90

Turquoise & Lilac Printed Lace Shawl RM 90 - SOLD OUT

Royal Blue Lace Shawl RM 120

Lilac Lace Shawl RM 120

Turquoise Lace Shawl RM 120

Nude Scarf RM 60 - SOLD OUT

Silverish Grey Plain Scarf RM 60

Yellowish Gold Fringe Shawl RM 65 SOLD OUT

Pink & Silver Cotton Shawl RM45 (Also available in Black &Grey)
High Quality Printed Scarf RM 80

High Quality Printed Scarf RM 80 - 

Medium Quality Printed Scarf RM 55 - SOLD OUT

Medium Quality Printed Scarf RM 55 - SOLD OUT

Medium Quality Printed Scarf RM 55

Medium Quality Printed Scarf RM 55

Stay tuned for more beautiful lace shawls and telekung. Our telekungs are included with a sweet beautiful light travelling Sajadah from Turkey! Tunguuuuu... :)

Thanks for reading!

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