14 October 2014

The Compilation


Wah! guess i didnt update my blog for a long time! what have i been up to? Seriously macam2! Since i got my foot back in malaysia, ive been busy running up and down looking for buyers for Mawar Turkiye,yelah nak berjaya bukan senang, kena la berusaha dari bawah, but its really fun to be kuli and boss at the same time.. hehe

So lets compile everything in one entry..

1. Nana's engagement - 31st August (basi dah!)
Congratulation to Nana And Shadad #shadadnana! We see it finally happened and we knew it was just a matter of time. Congrats!

2. Mawar Turkiye for Cosry.
Alhamdulillah, abg putra has put trust in me by allowing me to supply scarves and shawls for Cosry. Thanks so much abg put! Shawls 'Maryam for Cosry' is on its way! InsyaAllah.

3. Catching up with Waida and lil Ulya
How time flies, Ulya now is 8months! Dear Ulya, as soon as u can talk, please persuade ur mama to move in KL so mummy yam can also see you grow.. ok?? Pleaseeee let me be ur favorite 'mummy'...

4. Lil Arissa a.k.a 'adik'
Ni lagi sorang budak yang wajib jumpa kalau balik Malaysia.. my mini me! she looked so cheeky in TM raya tvc.. macam nak cubit2 mulut dia tuuu.. ish!

5. Boat noodling at Boat Noodle
Have you girls tried boat noodle? go and try and see how may bowls u can stack?? its really fun! its rm1.90 each bowl and the portion for each bowl is only about 2 table spoon. I can only go up to 4 bowls.. but tasha?? she went up to 7 bowls! Bravo!

6. Faliq's birthday - 2nd October
A small gathering with the 'stu-ges' (kaki2 lepak ss2 excluding me) on Faliq's birthday at Chilis Bangsar.

7. Lets deco with Maryam
Someone been asking for my help with lil homestyling for her house. Just a simple decor with limited budget. Nothing much and Alhamdulillah both husband and wife love it! thanks guys!
Lets check out the before and after photos..

8. P.Ramlee The Musical
Nothing much to say coz it was AWESOME!

Alhamdulillah such a great 2 months in KL.. Oh can i quit my job and come for good now?? Boooo

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  1. salam..hai..cuma nk bgtau sy pernah kenal waida tp dia x kenal sy..kebetulan yg sangat2 kebetulan yg menyebabkan sy kenal dia..mcm mana boleh sy contact dia?cuma nk bertanya khabar..