7 December 2014

A short update..


Wah, sudah lama tak menjengah ke blog ni, haha.. berhabuk2 sampai kena vacum! Sory lah pada yang setia visit blog ni as I have been up to so many many like MANY things lately. Busy with business, family, friends and also been taking care someone who is really sick. Ive spending the whole autumn in istanbul and will be flying to Guangzhou tomorrow to obtain some medical treatment. Bukan bercuti atau business trip ye, dont worry insyaAllah my shawls all are 100% made in Turkey even the shawls that i designed myself with beads, the beads are also originally from turkey tau. Speaking of that, more than 20 designs will be out soon insyaAllah next week in Zalora, peminat2 setia shawl turkey, sila stay tuned!

Nothing much to write and share, ada orang cakap, letak gambar je pun ok.. haha.. oklah i share photos je okey during my autumn in istanbul..

Bosphorus Cruise - Go and explore the beautiful and magnificient shores of the Bosphorus  

From where i stand,,

Enjoy the colors during autumn

Camlica- Get to see the whole view of European side from the Asian side

Pierre Lotti - Get to see the view from the European side

The place that i go almost everyday to enjoy the sunset and sunrise and full moon. 

The people that are always there for me. 

Fatih, the best fish restaurant facing the Bosphorus

Random just for my ootd pose. Haha

Dogatepe Cafe- captionless (the picture tells it all)

Please drop by at Kemal Erol carpet shop at Grand Bazaar and say my name. You;ll get the best price. 

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